2019-2020 Academic Year: Mikiko Saigo

Mikiko Saigo

Tell us something special about your hometown.
I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is one of the world's biggest cities with a unique mixture of modern and traditional Japanese cultures, punctual and clean public transportation, good fast food (from Japanese noodles, beef bowls, sushi, bbq to any Western food), quality dollar stores (yes, Daisos) and convenient stores on every street, and much more to explore!

Tell us about a favorite activity that you pursue when you have free time.
I like watching films. I used to watch 150 films a year. If you are going to ask me what my favorite films are, be prepared for a two-hour discussion on my favorite films, followed by another two-hour discussion on my least favorite films (or ask for a three-minute summary). I mostly watch recent US films but I can recommend to you some Japanese or other foreign language films, too.

Tell us what you studied at university and what you might like to do one day.
I majored in foreign language education in university and studied how non-native speakers acquire Japanese/English grammar. There seem to be certain grammar rules that learners typically struggle with, and my goal is to find efficient ways of grammar instruction. From this perspective, I am curious to learn what aspects of Japanese are challenging for you. Share with me your learning experiences, and hopefully we can figure out what kind of approach will help improve your Japanese.

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