German Language Residents

2021-2022 Academic Year: Nicolai Diener

Tell us something special about your hometown.

My hometown in Germany has a turbulent history: While it was once known as Germany's shoe metropolis and had one of the highest density of millionaires, the shoe-focused mono-economy has been so affected by globalization that the city now holds a number of negative records, such as the lowest life expectancy or one of the highest unemployment rate in all of Germany.

Tell us about a favorite activity that you pursue when you have free time.

I would describe myself as a summer person, so it's no coincidence that I study in Germany's sunniest city. It was there that I got to know and love beach volleyball: a technically and physically demanding sport that pushes you and your partner to the limits, but at the same time brings people together regardless of age and gender in a relaxed atmosphere with (mostly) summery vibes. 

Tell us about your favorite food or dish from your region and why you think it is special. 

My absolute favorite food is the so-called “Hoorische” of my grandmother. The special dumplings get their name from their "hairy" surface, also "hoorische" in the Palatine dialect. Originating from the post-war period, they are a perfect example of making a virtue out of necessity.

Past German Language Residents

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