2018-2019 Academic Year: José Gómez Soria


Tell us something special about your hometown?
I come from Quesada, a very picturesque village located between mountains and olive trees in Jaén. It is known for its delicious olive oil and for the famous painter Rafael Zabaleta. The city is also known for being part of the Sierra de Cazorla National Park where you can find breathtaking landscapes and many outdoor activities.

Tell us about a favorite activity that you pursue when you have free time?
I love planning getaways from the hectic lifestyle of the city. I love the peaceful feeling I get when I’m out in the mountains or at sea.

Tell us what you would like to see in California or in the U.S. during your time at the College?
I cannot wait to explore all the coastal cities around California and to attend concerts by artists that I have always dreamt of seeing. Visiting Alaska and Hawaii are also on my bucket list.

What is your teaching philosophy?
I believe teaching has a lot to do with feelings and emotions. The students need to know that the teacher cares about them and understands that they are not just individuals but are members of a community.


2018-2019 Academic Year: Hugo Briones Cáceres


Tell us something special about your hometown?
Santiago is the capital of Chile. It is divided into several municipalities or “comunas.” I have lived in Puente Alto, the most populated comuna in Chile, for the last 20 years. Puente Alto is in the outskirts of Santiago and it is well-known for its mosaics and proximity to beautiful rural areas.

Tell us about a favorite activity that you pursue when you have free time?
In my spare time, I enjoy reading about pop culture, watching TV shows and playing video games. I also like hanging out with friends, walking around the city and spending time with my dog.

Tell us what you would like to see in California or in the U.S. during your time at the College?
I would love to visit Disneyland in Anaheim and San Francisco. Since this is my first time abroad, doing simple things like grocery shopping and wandering around the campus seem like very enjoyable adventures for me!

Tell us when and how you started studying foreign languages and what you like about learning languages?
I started studying English in middle school, but it was not until high school when I fully started to understand and learn the language. I also studied French and German. What I like the most about learning languages is how they have helped me gain access to primary sources and more information about my favorite topics.


Past Spanish Language Residents

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