Connect Through Webinars

Pomona Admissions offers live monthly webinars on a variety of topics, from Pomona 101, to alumni panels, financial aid and application tips and explorations of different majors. Students, parents, counselors or educators are invited to register and log in to a webinar at a pre-designated time, but recordings will also be made available here once the sessions have concluded. Friendly admissions and financial aid officers, as well as current Pomona students, use video sharing to present information on a scheduled topic, always with a Q&A period at the end. Register if you are unable to attend but would like to receive a recording. Craving a topic you don’t see listed here? Share your idea with our webinar coordinator, Katrina Bruno.

Upcoming Webinars

Early Decision: Is It Right for You?

Pomona offers the option of applying through an Early Decision or Regular Decision round. EDI applications are due Nov. 15, while EDII applications are due Jan. 8. So what's the difference? Regular Decision applications are due Jan. 8. Are you at a disadvantage if you apply Regular Decision? These confounding questions, and many more, will be addressed in this webinar. Come with all your tricky questions!

Register for "Early Decision: Is It Right for You?" on Friday, September 30 from 3:30-4:15 p.m. PDT  

On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Top Ten Tips for Pomona Applicants

From September 23, 2022. Recording will be available soon! 

Applying to Pomona College: What Parents Need to Know

 From September 13, 2022. View "Applying to Pomona College: What Parents Need to Know"

Essay Writing Tips & Advice

From September 9, 2022. View"Essay Writing Tips & Advice" 

Everything Optional: Test Scores, Interviews, Supplements, Oh My!

From August 18, 2022. View "Everything Optional"

Applying to Pomona

From August 12, 2022. View "Applying to Pomona" 

Applying to Pomona: International Student Edition

From August 9, 2022. View "Applying to Pomona: International Student Edition" 

Deep Dive: STEM Majors

From July 27, 2022. View"Deep Dive: STEM Majors"

Eureka! Finding Yourself in SoCal

From July 22, 2022. View"Eureka! Finding Yourself in SoCal"

Deep Dive: Majors Outside of STEM

From July 12, 2022. View "Deep Dive: Majors Outside of STEM" 

Pomona 101: An Intro to Pomona College

From June 13, 2022. View "Pomona 101: An Intro to Pomona College" 

Study Abroad, Research & Internships

From May 31, 2022. View "Study Abroad, Research, & Internships"

Apply Yourself: Pomona's Application Process Revealed 

From November 13, 2021. View "Apply Yourself: Pomona's Application Process Revealed"

Exploring Academics & Advising @ Pomona

From September 30, 2021. View "Exploring Academics & Advising @ Pomona"

Pomona Plunge: Deep Dive (Virtual Program)

From August 21, 2021. View Program Recordings

Applying to Pomona: Transfer Student Edition

From August 20, 2021. View "Applying to Pomona College: Transfer Student Edition"