Pomona College Policy for Stewardship and Donor/Recipient Confidentiality

Donor Recognition and Donation/Account Confidentiality

Pomona College acknowledges donations with gift receipts and letters of thanks. Donors may also be recognized, unless anonymity is requested, through publications (including but not limited to an annual honor roll of donors, specialized campaign or development newsletters, alumni-centered periodicals such as Pomona College Magazine, etc.).

Normally, the College shares the names of donors who contribute to memorial funds with the family members and friends associated with those accounts so that they may offer additional gift acknowledgements. In such cases, the College does not disclose the amount of donations with a deceased donor's spouse or descendants; rather, the College treats donation amounts and endowed or restricted account balances as information to be kept confidential among the College, the donor, and anyone whom the donor designates as an official contact.

Should an external third party or organization request information about a donor, account, recipient, or usage, the College is not obligated to act as an intermediary between the donor and the third party.

When donors to Pomona College request anonymity, the Institutional Advancement and Business offices keep a record of the donor for legal and administrative purposes, and may choose to share that information internally for stewardship or administrative purposes. The information will not be released externally or publicly.

Any public reference to the gift lists the donor as "Anonymous." Upon the death of an anonymous donor, the College may, if in keeping with the donor's wishes, share information about the donation with the deceased's counsel and/or immediate family solely for administrative or legal purposes.

Fund Usage, Recipient Recognition, and Confidentiality

The use of funds given to benefit the operations of the College, its departments, any institutions affiliated with the College (such as the Pacific Basin Institute or Honnold Library), or any of its faculty or staff will be considered to be public information for which the College and any of its constituents may be held accountable, unless a donor has specifically stipulated such information should not be made available. Likewise, the recipients of such funds will also be considered public information unless otherwise restricted by a fund's donor.

The availability of funds given in support of student financial need – such as scholarships, loan funds, and some prizes – will be regarded as a matter of public record; however, the recipients of need-based funds will be considered confidential information.

Upon receipt of a scholarship, the recipient will be asked to sign a consent form authorizing Pomona College to release his or her name and the amount of his or her award to the donor and/or donor contact as a condition for accepting the award. This information will not be made available to anyone external to the College without the expressed consent of the donor and recipient.

The College may release general information about need-based financial aid (such as number of students aided and aggregate amount awarded) for stewardship and administrative purposes, so long as donation and recipient confidentiality are not compromised.

Recipients of merit-based awards will be considered a matter of public record unless otherwise requested by either the donor or recipient.