Pomona College Advancement Gift Policies

For detailed information on Advancement gift policies, please select and download from the documents below.

Gift Acceptance Policy

This policy outlines gift acceptance, counting, and reporting at Pomona College. It defines a gift and describes gifts and gift restrictions that can and cannot be accepted by the College. It also provides details about gift agreement requirements, as well as information about transferring assets to the College and specific types of gift assets that the College accepts. Information is also provided on gifts from donor-advised funds, employer-sponsored matching gifts, planned gifts, and gift receipts, counting, and reporting, among other topics.

Download Gift Acceptance Policy

Naming Policy

This policy applies to the naming of college assets and to other honors and recognition bestowed by the College, now or in the future. It provides the framework for when and how donors may be offered naming opportunities and recognition for their gifts, the types of gifts that may carry naming opportunities, naming gift minimums, naming approval and duration, donor recognition, and other terms. The policy also outlines when and how a naming or non-gift honor may be reconsidered and describes the reconsideration process related to the revocation or amendment of a naming or non-gift honor.

Download Naming Policy

Pomona College Policy for Stewardship and Donor/Recipient Confidentiality

Learn more about our stewardship and donor/recipient confidentiality policy.