Returning Student Housing Selection

Each spring semester, rising students participate in the annual Housing Selection process where students choose their rooms, roommates, and suitemates. This email is an announcement that the Housing Selection process for Fall 2023 housing is beginning! We know that housing can be an important component of your Pomona experience, as such, Pomona Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is seeking to provide as much information as possible to assist students in this process. Please read below regarding this year's timeline, changes, and processes. Should you have any additional questions, please contact or at 909-607-2239.

Housing Process Information

Terms for Housing Selection for Fall 2023

  • Consistent Suite classifications – rooms that share either 1) an initial entry or 2) a common room will be grouped together.
  • Housing Selection – where students select their room spaces in order according to a priority.
  • Housing Placement – when Pomona College will assign a room to students (Resident Assistants, Housing Accommodations, Waitlists, First Year and Transfer housing).

Info Sessions

  • Zoom Information Sessions
    • Thursday March 23rd Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    • Monday March 27th Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    • Wednesday March 29th Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    • Friday March 31st Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

General Flow

General Steps

Step 1: Apply
  • Everyone must complete a Housing Application on Residence
  • Housing Accommodations are also completed with ARS
Step 2: Group (non-single)
  • Send group invites through Residence.
  • Groups must match the same number of beds in a room or suite
  • Single rooms only need a 'group' of 1!
Step 3: Search Rooms
  • Can view rooms that will be available for selection.
  • # of bed spaces that match the group # will be BLUE.
Final Step: Select
  • Everyone will have their own Individual Selection Time.
  • Best selection time in a group becomes the Group Selection Time.
  • The Group Leader will select the space for the group.


  • Off Campus Housing Application
    • Opens – March 1st
    • Due – March 19th
  • Returning Student Housing Application
    • Opens – March 21st
    • Due – March 31st
    • Content
      • Housing Agreement
      • Matching Profile
      • NOT meal plans

Groups and Search

  • Students seeking to live in shared spaces (more than 1 occupancy per room or suite) must create groups in Residence.
  • Students may send group invites using their Roommate Code (located in Residence)
  • Group size must exactly match the number of beds in a shared space. For example, a Sontag suite of 4 students will only be selectable by a group of 4 students. These spaces will be marked in Blue text.
  • Group Leaders are the only group member that selects the final spaces during Selection. Residence will default the group member with the best time, but the Group Leader can be changed independently of individual selection time.
  • Seeking a non-suited single room (ex/Norton)? No group needed!


  • Selection times
    • Each student will receive their Individual Selection Time.
    • For groups, ONLY the best Individual Selection Time is relevant. This becomes the Group Selection Time (when the Group Leader selects).
  • Priority: Individual Selection times will be provided by 1) class and 2) random within each class.
  • Classes will be defined with the following Expected Graduation Terms:
    • Rising Seniors – Fall 23, Spring 24
    • Rising Juniors – Fall 24, Spring 25
    • Rising Sophomores – Fall 25, Spring 26
  • Classed based housing
    • In coordination with ASPC, the following buildings will be class-restricted.
      • Senior and Junior housing – Sontag and Dialynas
      • First year housing – Wig, Mudd, Blaisdell, Lyon
  • Selection dates
    • Senior times – April 11th (Seniors can group with Juniors and Sophomores)
    • Junior times – April 12 (Remaining Juniors can group with Sophomores)
    • Sophomore times – April 13th (All remaining students)
  • Selection times
    • 5:00pm-8:00pm

Residence Halls, Room Types and Programming


  • Coordinated outside of Housing and Residence Life.

Returning Student halls

  • Sontag and Dialynis
    • Common Room Suites with 4 single rooms (Groups of 4 needed)
    • Common Room Suites with 6 single rooms (Groups of 6 needed)
    • Junior and Senior Halls
  • Clark I
    • Suites with 2 single rooms (Single-single-bath layout) (Group of 2)
    • Common Room Suites with 2 double rooms and 1 single room (Group of 5)
    • Triples (Group of 3)
  • Clark III
    • Single Rooms
    • Double Rooms (Group of 2)
  • Clark V
    • Common Room Suite with 2 single rooms (Group of 2)
    • Common Room Suites with 3 single rooms (Group of 3)
      Common Room Suites with 4 single rooms (Group of 4)
  • Norton
    • Single rooms
  • Lowry
    • Common Room suites with 8 single rooms (Groups of 8 needed)
  • Walker
    • Single rooms (Communal bathroom)
    • Double rooms (Communal bathroom)
    • Suites with 2 single rooms (Single-single-bath layout) (Groups of 2 needed)
  • Smiley
    • Single Rooms
  • Gibson
    • Double rooms, common bathrooms (group of 2 needed)
    • Single rooms, common bathrooms (group of 1 needed)
  • Harwood
    • Single room (communal bathroom)
    • Double room (communal bathroom)

First Year Halls

  • Wig
    • Double room (communal bathroom)
    • Single room (communal bathroom)
  • Mudd-Blaisdell
    • Single rooms (communal bathrooms)
    • Double room (communal bathrooms)
    • Triple room (communal bathrooms)
  • Lyon
    • Double rooms (communal bathrooms)


  • Students seeking housing accommodations due to a disability must apply via the Housing Accommodations procedure, facilitated and reviewed by Accessibility Resources and Services office.
  • Students with approved Housing Accommodations will be placed into qualifying spaces by ARS and HRL.
  • NOTE: Housing Accommodations - Students applying for housing accommodation placement but ALSO submit a Housing Application.
    • Housing Accommodations reviewed and approved before Housing Selection will be placed into qualifying residential spaces.
    • Housing Accommodations reviewed and approved after housing selection will be waitlisted and placed as space becomes available.


Off Campus

  • Application Due: March 19th
  • Group Selection Opens: N/A
  • Room Search Opens: N/A
  • Selection Times Provided: N/A
  • Selection: N/A

Housing Selection

  • Application Opens: March 21st
  • Application Due: March 31st
  • Group Selection Opens: April 3rd
  • Room Search Opens: April 4th
  • Selection Times Provided: After housing accommodations are set
  • Selection
    • Senior times: April 11th
    • Junior times: April 12th
    • Sophomore times: April 13th


  • Application Opens: Rolling
  • Application Due: Rolling. Placements approved by March 31st
  • Group Selection Opens: N/A
  • Room Search Opens: N/A
  • Selection Times Provided: N/A
  • Selection: Placed week of April 3rd

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete a housing application?

Everyone living in campus housing must complete the Housing Application, this includes students placed or selecting housing in the following processes:

  • Oldenborg Selection.
  • Placements for Accommodations.
  • Placements for Resident Assistants, Sponsors and their Suitemates.

Only Study Abroad, Graduates, and planned Leaves of Absence do not complete a Housing Application.

I am a Fall graduate, will I have an individual selection time before Spring graduates of the same year?

No, Fall and Spring graduates will be randomized within the same pool. For example, Fall 24 graduates and Spring 25 graduates will be considered the same year for Housing Selection purposes.

Where will rising sophomores live?

A little bit of everywhere (except Sontag and Dialynas), however we have intended Harwood Hall, Gibson Hall, and two floors of Smiley for sophomores. Seniors and Juniors select first, but Seniors and Juniors can choose to group with Sophomores for most halls. There are Sophomores that live on North Campus halls because they were pulled into a suite by a Senior or Junior. Sophomores also have the latest individual selection times, meaning Sophomores will fill all remaining spaces. As such, they tend to be spread out, including halls that are primarily held for incoming first years, but have extra space.

What additional resources will be offered?

Additional documents (maps, etc.) will be provided on the Residence home dashboard.

Can I have a housing accommodation and suite with my friends?

Housing Accommodations are primarily reviewed on an individual basis by Accessibility Resources and Services, and are placed on an individual basis by Housing and Residence Life. Please email with questions regarding accommodations. Students wanting to live with friends go through the traditional Housing Selection process (Apply, Group & Search, Select).