How to Prepare a Diversity Statement

An increasing number of colleges and universities are asking candidates to address their past experiences, current activities and future plans to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Pomona, this statement is one of the four components most critical in our evaluation of candidates.  Please feel free to use the following questions to help focus your Diversity Statement.

  • What is your experience with diverse students in your classroom?
  • How do you incorporate multiculturalism in your teaching materials and methods?
  • How has your personal background equipped you to engage diversity among your students?
  • How do you address diversity in your own research and teaching?
  • How do you interact with individuals from backgrounds that are different from your own? What do you gain from such experiences?
  • How do you encourage others who may be under-represented in your field to become involved? Why might this diversity be important?
  • How have you previously helped to provide mentorship to a diverse student body?