Living in the Residence Halls

Spring - Before you Commit

About the First Year Residence Halls

  • About the First Year Halls
    • Wig Hall - single, double, and triple rooms.
    • Lyon Court - majority double rooms.
    • Mudd-Blaisdell Hall - features singles, doubles, and triple room configurations.
    • Off Campus is not available for incoming first years and sophomores. See more below.

Single, Doubles, Triples

  • First Year Housing offers a range of rooms and suite types. This includes single, double, and triple occupancy per room. There is no price difference if room occupancy. Generally speaking:
    • 15% of first years live in single occupancy rooms.
    • 70% of first-years live in double occupancy rooms.
    • 15% of first-years live in triple occupancy rooms. Triple occupancy rooms are often larger with beds configurable in a bunk format.

Off Campus Approval

  • Automatic Approval will be provided to the following groups of applicants:
    • Students aged 24 or older at the start of Fall classes.
    • Students who are legally married.
    • Students with children.
  • Other than these groups, ALL first-year and second-year students are assumed to live in campus housing. Rising Juniors and Seniors must apply and be approved for Off Campus approval. 

Costs and Tuition

Summer - First Year Housing Placement and Planning

First Year Housing Timeline

  • Housing Application opens in Residence - June 12, 2024
  • Housing Accommodations for students with disabilities – June 21, 2024
  • Housing Application is Due in Residence – June 26, 2024
  • Roommate Groups (optional) Due in Residence – June 28, 2024
  • INITIAL housing placements in Residence – July 24, 2024

How to Use Residence

  • Residence is the Housing Portal for Pomona College. Students complete Housing Agreements, Applications, Room Condition Reports, and choose roommates and rooms using this portal throughout their time at Pomona.
  • Once an account is created, students may sign in using the Single Sign On username and password.
  • Any questions regarding using Residence can be sent to

Housing Application

  • The Housing Application is required for incoming students to prepare for their campus housing. Within the Application is the Housing Agreement and the Matching Profile.
  • The Housing Agreement is required for all residential students living in Campus Housing. Please feel free to review.

Matching Profile and Gender Preferences

  • The Matching Profile is a short form in which incoming students may indicate their living lifestyle, particularly around sleep schedule, cleanliness, and gender.
  • Pomona College Housing is not gendered and students of any gender identity can live together regardless of sex assigned at birth. All students have the opportunity to designate their room and suite gender preferences using the Matching Profile in Residence. 

Housing Accommodations for students with disabilities

Choosing your Roommate(s) (OPTIONAL)

  • Housing and Residence Life will use provided Matching Profile data to assign roommates for double and triple room occupancy.
  • Some students prefer to choose their own roommate(s). Students can create a Group of 2 (for double rooms) or 3 (for triple rooms) in Residence, by the designated timeline, to be assigned together in a room.
  • To create a group, use the 'Roommates" tab in Residence, select Fall 2024 term, and use the 'Find someone you know" function to send an invite using a Roommate Code. Roommate Codes can be found in the upper right corner of the Residence portal.

Renter's Insurance

  • Renters insurance is not required, although it is highly recommended. One resource we recommend is GradGuard, a renters insurance with features designed to meet the unique needs of college students at Pomona College.

Fall - Move-in and Orientation

Move-in Website

  • Please review the Move-In Website for a review on location, steps, and recommendations for Move-in day!


  • Students will receive a room key upon check-in.
  • Students should lock their doors when leaving their rooms and carry room keys at all times.
  • When moving out of a residence hall, students are required to return all keys to HRL. Failure to do this will result in a lock change and the student will be responsible for the costs of said charge.
  • Please review more in the Student Handbook.

ID Cards

  • Each student is given a student ID card that will open all card-keyed residence hall doors. As well as access Dining Halls via the Meal Plan.
  • Students are expected to always have their Pomona ID on their person. If asked by a college official, including RAs and Campus Safety, Pomona students are required to present their ID.
  • Please review more in the Student Handbook.

Room Condition Report

  • Every time a student moves into a new space, it is highly recommended that they document any pre-existing damage in the room via the assigned Room Condition Report. This is completed on Residence.

Roommate Agreements

  • All students are provided a roommate agreement at their first community floor meeting, to be completed with their roommates or suitemates in the first few weeks of the semester. First-years should return a copy of their roommate agreement to their Resident Advisor.

Life in the ResHalls FAQs

Housing Policies

  • All Pomona College students are subject to the Student Handbook. Incoming First Year students are highly recommended to review the Student Handbook before arriving to Campus. Please see common policies below.
    • Quiet Hours
    • Smoking and Substances
    • Drug and Alcohol

About Resident Advisors

  • The goal of the Resident Advisor (RA) is to assist in establishing a positive living environment in the residence halls. RAs serve as the first point of contact for the personal, educational, and social needs of hall residents. They are responsible for assisting with security, addressing emergencies, coordinating events, working with Sponsors, and reporting damages and maintenance problems. RAs are charged with the enforcement of college policies.

About Sponsors and Head Sponsors

  • The Sponsor Program is a residential program through which all first-year students are housed with approximately 15 other first-years led by sponsors. The sponsors live in the halls with their sponsors throughout the year, with the objective of easing the transition to college by creating a safe and welcoming living environment for all first-years and increasing first year interactions with older students. The head sponsors are supervised by four Head Sponsors. The sponsor program is overseen by the Assistant Director of Residence Life.


  • Pomona College utilizes WASH Laundry.
  • Students must download the WASH-Connect app and apply funds. 
  • Students can set up notifications, check availability, submit laundry work-orders, and request refunds all from this singular app.
  • Please note that this work order form is different than the work order form for other facilities maintenance requests.


  • Pomona College extends the privilege of operating motor vehicles on its campus to some registered students, employees, and visitors. First-year students are not allowed to bring cars to campus. All vehicles parked on Pomona’s property must display a valid parking permit or a temporary parking permit. Temporary parking permits are available at the Department of Campus Safety. Student Parking permits are valid only on the campus for which they have been issued.
  • All students and employees must register their cars and motorcycles with Campus Safety every academic year. Temporary parking permits are required for visitors and are available at Kenyon House. Vehicle Registration is now available on-line; visit the TCCS Campus Safety website and click on our “On-line Vehicle Registration” site. You will have to go in-person to get the permit.
  • You may review more here

How to Submit a Workorder

  • You can submit a work order for any facilities issue, by logging onto your student portal and submitting an online TMA request. If for some reason your request is not fulfilled, please reach out to your RA.

Room Change Process

  • Room Changes can occur before and during the semester for a variety of reasons. View additional information about the room change process.
  • Room Freeze Period: Room Change Requests and Pull-in Requests will not perform Room Exploration, Move Notice, and Move Confirmation steps until 3 weeks after the first day of Classes in the Fall Semester and 2 weeks after the first day of Classes in the Spring Semester.

RA On-Call

  • RA Phone number for each Zone can be found in the Residence Halls and on the homepage of Residence.
  • 7pm-12pm on weekdays and 7pm-2am on the weekends.

How to get involved

Dining Halls and Meals

For more information, please visit:

Housekeeping Schedule (more info to come)


  • Students may set up their devices on the Claremont-WPA Wi-Fi network using their Single Sign On username and password.
  • There are additional Wireless Networks at Pomona College

Emergency Procedures and Wellness Resources


  • Here at Pomona, we want to partner with you as you achieve your academic goals by cultivating your overall wellness. These resources can support your wellness process during your college experience here at Pomona.

Campus Safety and LiveSafe

  • Campus Safety is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and we recommend you include their number in your cellphone: 909-607-2000
  • Bluelight Stations located around campus can also be used to contact Campus Safety. Accessible in case a student does not have access to a phone.
  • LiveSafe is a free personal safety mobile application for students, staff, faculty, and the community to engage in two-way conversation with Campus Safety. LiveSafe allows users direct access to Campus Safety and 911 emergency services and creates greater situational awareness and safety preparedness by educating the user on daily safety related updates and statistics.”
  • Read for more information on Student Health and Safety 


  • Everbridge Mass Notification is an emergency notification service that enables Campus Safety to notify you quickly about a major emergency on campus and to provide you with information and instructions. Messages are sent via email, text and recorded message to campus phone extensions. Students, faculty and staff with a campus phone extension and college email are already in the Everbridge database. To add a cell phone number and/or home number, log on to the campus portal and click on the Everbridge link. All contact information included in Everbridge will be used ONLY for campus emergency notification and will NOT be made available to any other service.

Administrator on Call

  • One of the resources that Pomona College makes available to students is the support and guidance of a Pomona College professional staff member who is on call and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This on-call administrator (previously known as Dean-on-Call) can be reached by calling Campus Safety on (909) 607-2000 by telephone. The on-call administrator is often one of the first responders to calls from Campus Safety about any student situation, troubling behavior, or crisis.

Fire Evacuation Drill