Admissions Privacy Policy

Admissions staff will only discuss applications, including application status, admissions decisions, and materials received, with the applicant, with his or her parent or guardian, or with an appropriate administrative official at his or her secondary or postsecondary institution.

The Office of Admissions passes on the educational records of matriculating students to appropriate campus officials, including the Registrar, the Dean of Students, the Dean of the College, faculty advisors, and Information Technology Services. Evaluative materials from the application, including interview reports, letters of recommendation, admissions review forms, and faculty input on supplemental materials, are purged from the student’s record before he or she matriculates and are not available after matriculation, regardless of whether the applicant has waived his or her right to view those materials. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, applicants who do not matriculate will not have access to evaluative materials that the College maintains.

By applying to Pomona College, you agree to receive email communication about your application at the address you list in your application. Official communication will only be sent to that email address, and you are expected to check that account regularly.