Arts Supplements

dancer on ground being pulled up by leaning dancer in blue light

Dance majors can focus on Performance Studies or Movement Studies

student at piano, smiling

Pomona’s music department boasts 40 Steinway pianos

student silhoutted in SkySpace art installation with pink light and pale blue sky above

Dividing the Light, a Skyspace by James Turrell ‘65, on Pomona’s campus

Midsummer Night's Dream cast members with purple background in shiny dance costumes

Over 400 Claremont College students/year participate in theatre classes or productions

repeated images for Salad Bowl art exhibit May 2021

Spring 2021 Student Art Exhibition: Salad Bowl

First-year and transfer applicants are invited to submit arts supplements for consideration as part of their application for admission. Supplements are not required, but we are very interested in learning more about the creative activities you engage in with passion and dedication. This is not an application to a specific major or department, or for a scholarship, rather a chance to highlight aspects of your experience for the Admissions Committee. We are only able to accept arts supplements in disciplines taught through departments at Pomona, as these faculty will be involved in evaluating arts supplements. Supplemental materials should be received in the Admissions Office no later than the application deadline under which you are applying.


Arts supplements may be submitted online only after you have submitted your application to Pomona. You will log in using the same credentials you use to access your application status page, an online portal. A link to the arts supplement form is also available on your application status page. Once the supplement form is submitted, it cannot be edited. However, you can save it and return to it later before final submission. Each department’s specific requirements are below, and we encourage you to read these carefully and gather the required materials before beginning. If you do not have access to video equipment, you will not be disadvantaged in the evaluation of your supplement. We will give you due consideration based on the written information you submit. 

Dance Supplements

Consider submitting a dance supplement if you have made a substantial commitment of time and energy to dance and you plan to continue this commitment in college.

  1. A PDF résumé or list summarizing your dance experience, including:
    • Years and technique(s) studied
    • Summer programs, clubs, performances, etc.
    • Repertoire (solo and/or ensemble)
    • Awards received
  2. (Optional) A video (at least two minutes in length) of performance, studio or rehearsal:
    • You may submit an original piece you or another dancer has choreographed, highlighting your uniqueness as a dancer
    • List the work(s) performed

Music Supplements

The Music Department is open to all Pomona students. All of our courses, including lessons and ensembles, are part of the College's curriculum (rather than being extracurricular) and earn academic credit. We encourage music supplement submissions from those applicants who have made a substantial commitment of time and energy to music and plan to continue this commitment at Pomona through the Music Department's curricular offerings. 

Your submission should include examples of your prior work in music. Performers should submit recordings comprising approximately 10 minutes of solo performance that best demonstrates your abilities as an instrumentalist or singer. We prefer to hear multiple selections in contrasting styles rather than a single 10-minute work or movement. However, we recognize that longer selections can be more typical for some instruments.

You may submit each piece as a separate file, or a single recording of multiple pieces. We want to hear your "live" sound, so please submit unprocessed samples that do not include reverb, auto-tuning or otherwise artificially-enhanced sound. For video recordings, please make sure the audio is clear.

Composers must submit a PDF of the score or a recording of it being performed. When possible, we strongly encourage composition submissions to include a score.

  1. Additionally, please provide a PDF of your résumé or list summarizing your experience with your instrument, voice and/or composition that includes:
    • years of study
    • ensemble participation (if applicable)
    • repertoire (solo and/or ensemble)
    • awards received (if applicable)
    • any other information relevant to your music experience

Theatre Supplements

Actors/performers should submit a PDF résumé listing roles played, beginning with the most recent:

  • Include year, character, play, author, group and director

  • You may also summarize other theatrical experience

  • Describe additional drama courses and private study

  • A personal statement describing your future plans is also encouraged

  1. Actors/performance students should also submit recordings (max. 2 minutes each) of at least two auditions of contrasting styles, which must list the work in the recording; focus on the individual performance (monologues, etc.); or, if featuring a group piece, clearly state in the summary which performer you are. Technical/design students should submit a portfolio of work. Playwrights should submit a writing sample.

Visual Arts Supplements

The Visual Arts Supplement is designed for students who have a strong interest in the visual arts and plan to either major or minor in art at Pomona. Please note: if you do not indicate Art as your intended major, your supplement may not be evaluated. Your supplement should include:

  • A PDF résumé or list summarizing your visual arts experience. You may also list any honors, awards or special training outside of high school or college.
  • 10-20 images of your best artwork. Videos should be no longer than five minutes.