Logging In


  1. Log in to Kronos from Workday by selecting the Kronos Timekeeping application or from the Pomona Portal.
  2. Select Pomona College from the drop down on the Central Authentication Service screen.
  3. In the Username field, enter your Pomona username.
  4. In the Password field, enter your Pomona password.
  5. Click on LOGIN and you will be brought to your timecard for the current pay period.

Entering Time and Job Transfers

There must be a job transfer for every day worked otherwise the system will default to a place holder job that has no hourly rate and will not be paid until corrected.

  1. Select the In cell for the day worked and enter the time you started working and then press tab.
    Note: the system will default to am, you must enter “p” to get pm.
  2. Click the Transfer cell; from the drop down list select the correct job position for the hours being entered and press tab.
  3. In the Out cell, enter the time you stopped working and then press tab.
  4. Click Save.

Entering Pay Codes

Students receive 24 hours of California sick time on July 1st every year (no carryover).

  1. Select the Pay Code cell for the day hours are being entered.
  2. From the Pay Code drop down list select CA Sick.
  3. Click the Amount cell and enter the number of hours i.e. 2.
  4. Enter the job you were scheduled to work for in the 1st transfer column.
  5. Click Save.

Approve Timecard


  1. Verify you are in the correct pay period and Click on the Approve Timecard icon. 
  2. Select Approve Timecard from the drop down.  A brief notification in pink will appear verifying the timecard is approved.  The background of the timecard will turn yellow.

Signing Out


  1. Click on Sign Out , located right under your name in the top left corner