How do I access my applicant status page?

If you are having trouble accessing your applicant status page, you can reset your password. To do this, you will need the original email with the subject line “Pomona College: Important Application Information” sent to you when you applied to Pomona College. If you cannot find this email, please email, and we will resend the original email. Please indicate the correct email address for this correspondence.

Will I receive a letter in the mail?

All applicants are notified of their admission decisions online via their applicant status page. Admitted students will also receive a letter through the mail.

When will I receive my financial aid package?

If you submitted a complete financial aid application, are admitted and qualify for need-based aid from Pomona, your financial aid package accompanies your letter of admission. If your family’s financial need could not be determined because of an incomplete application, please follow up with our Office of Financial Aid at (909) 621-8205 or

I've been deferred. What should I do next?

We defer fewer ED applicants than we admit, so a deferral is by no means an automatic or thoughtless decision. It means that, while we were impressed with your application and would like to see you in the class, we have decided to consider your application again in the context of the broader applicant pool. Every year, we do admit students in the spring whom we defer in the fall.

If you have been deferred, we encourage you to submit any new testing (SAT, ACT or SAT Subject Tests) and ensure that we have your mid-term grade reports. Although it is not required, you are also welcome to submit additional materials (for example, an additional recommendation or a personal communication with your admission officer).

I was wait-listed. What does that mean?

How does the wait list work?

We are aiming for a class of about 415 students this year. Since it isn't possible to predict exactly how many students will accept our offers of admission, we offer some students a position on the wait list. If we do not reach our target number by May 1, 2019, we will begin to extend offers of admission to a limited number of students on the wait list.

Is the wait list ranked? Where am I on the wait list?

No, students on the wait list are not ranked. We will reconsider all of the wait listed students again in May, when we know how many students remain on the wait list and how many we can admit.

How many people are on the wait list?

For the past two years, about 8% of our active regular decision applicants were offered a position on the wait list. Not all of those students chose to remain on the wait list last year, and we expect the same this year.

How many people will you admit from the wait list this year?

Last year, after the reply date of May 1, we began to offer admission to a very small number of students on the wait list who have submitted the Wait List Offer Response form. While we do not yet know how many students we may admit from the wait list this year, when we reach our target number of 415 students in the Class of 2023, we will notify the remaining students on the wait list that our class is full.

Who do you admit from the wait list? How can I increase my chances of admission?

If we go to the wait list, we will consider the overall composition of our class as one factor in choosing students. If we wait listed you, it means we would like to admit you to the class if space becomes available. The most important step you can take is to submit the Wait List Offer Response form (accessible on your applicant status page) if you would like to remain on the wait list. If we admit wait-listed students, we will only consider those students who have submitted the Wait List Offer Response form. We encourage students to complete this form once they know all of their college choices. The deadline to complete the form is May 1, 2019. 

While you do not need to submit additional documents, you can express your interest more enthusiastically by emailing your admissions officer, who will be happy to add your written correspondence to your application record. Sending a brief email update in April about what you've been up to since our last contact is entirely appropriate and welcome. Finally, continue to perform well in your senior classes, as we may check on your academic progress if we plan to extend an offer of admission.

What should I do about the May 1 reply date for other colleges?

You should accept an offer of admission from another college before the May 1 deadline, even if it means making a deposit. After May 1, colleges will determine whether they will admit students off of their wait lists and, if so, how many they will admit. Students who accept admission off of a wait list will notify the college at which they initially deposited to "unenroll" and will enroll at the second college. This shifting of students in and out of the class is a standard and expected part of the admissions process that can extend from early May into July.

If I'm admitted off of the wait list, do I have to go to Pomona? What about financial aid?

You are not required to enroll. We will give you a financial aid offer, and you will be given time to consider before letting us know your decision. Please note that, if you are admitted off of the wait list, you are not eligible to defer your admission (i.e. to take a gap year). Our wait list process, like our entire admissions process, is need-blind, and we will meet the full need of all admitted students.

What should I do now?

We encourage you to focus on choosing the best fit college from those who have offered you admission. Wait lists are uncertain, so it is best not to pin your hopes on a college that has not offered you admission yet. If you are not admitted to Pomona College off of the wait list, we encourage you to embrace your admission to another college and fully commit to the experience of being a student there. If you remain interested in Pomona, submit your Wait List Offer Response form and send us an email later in April once you’ve had the chance to process your choices. There won't be any wait list news until early-to-mid May. Once the class is full, we will notify all students who remain on the wait list.

I’m interested in deferring my admission and taking a gap year. What should I do?

Requests to defer admission for one year are reviewed and approved individually by the Dean of Admissions and must be received by May 1. You may email your request to or mail your request to Pomona College, Office of Admissions, 333 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711. Please see Gap Year Students for more information.

When are I-20s for international students issued?

I-20s for international students are issued in late April to mid-May.

I am unable to pay the $500 enrollment fee? What can I do?

Students for whom payment of the $500 enrollment fee constitutes a hardship may be eligible for a reduced deposit or may arrange a payment plan. Please call the Office of Admissions at (909) 621-8134 and ask to speak with Donna Pock.

Can I appeal my decision?

No, all admissions decisions are final. Pomona does not have an appeals process.

How can I appeal the contents of my financial aid package?

You may always appeal to the Financial Aid Committee for a reconsideration of your award decision if your family experiences a significant change in circumstances. If you have new information to bring to our attention, you should contact us. It is usually best to speak directly with a financial aid officer first, and then follow up with a detailed letter of explanation and any supporting documents as instructed by the officer. (The Office of Financial Aid can be reached at (909) 621-8205 and by mail at Sumner Hall, 333 N. College Way, Claremont CA 91711.) You may be asked to submit the Request for Reconsideration Worksheet along with supporting documents.

Does Pomona award scholarships to National Merit Finalists?

After the final reply date (May 1), Pomona awards scholarships to a limited number of enrolling National Merit Finalists. Not all admitted National Merit Finalists will be offered an award. There is no additional information that Finalists need to submit to our office to be considered for a scholarship award, which range from $1,000 to $2,000.

What is Pomona's policy on rescinding an offer of admission?

In all of its offers of admission, the Office of Admissions at Pomona College states, [this] “offer of admission is made with the provision that you maintain your strong record of academic achievement and personal integrity. We will review all final transcripts and ask that you have your school forward transcripts at the end of each grading period and send a final transcript confirming your graduation and good standing at the end of the school year.” When an enrolling student fails to meet this academic or integrity standard, a transparent, student-centered review process is initiated by the Admissions Committee.

What does Pomona’s review process for rescinding admission look like?

The review process can include, but is not limited to:

  • A review of the student’s mid-year, third-quarter or final transcript, as well as final IB results.
  • A conversation with teachers or college counselors at the student’s high school or university.
  • A conversation with the student to directly raise concerns regarding academic or integrity issues.
  • The request of written statements from teachers, counselors, students or other individuals who might be able to assist the committee in understanding the academic or integrity issue of concern.
  • Consultation with the Vice-President and Dean of Admissions.
  • The re-convening of the Admissions Committee for the purposes of reconsidering a candidate for admission using the new information within the context of our standard holistic review process.

During the review process, what can I expect?

In cases of review, the decision to rescind an offer of admission is not a foregone conclusion. Each student who fails to meet the academic and integrity standards outlined in their offer of admission will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Each student will be treated as an individual whose unique story will be heard and genuinely considered by the Committee. You may expect:

  • To be provided with the email and office phone number of a senior admissions officer in order to keep the lines of communication between the Admissions Office and the student free and open.
  • That all reasonable attempts will be made to understand the circumstances that led to the academic or integrity issue of concern, be that via phone or written communication.
  • To receive a direct written communication from a senior admissions officer if an offer of admission is in fact rescinded.
  • That the student’s college counselor will be notified of the rescind via a written communication.

What are some examples of academic or integrity issues that could prompt an investigation or rescind process?

Issues that might provoke a review process of a student’s offer of admission include but are not limited to:           

  • A decline in achievement in an academic course from B in 7th Semester to a D/F in 8th Semester.
  • Withdrawal from a core academic class without notifying the Office of Admissions.
  • Violating a school/university academic integrity policy during the final semester of enrollment.
  • A significant discrepancy between a predicted A-Level/IB score and an actual A-Level/IB score.
  • The intentional misrepresentation of a self-reported SAT, ACT, TOEFL or IELTS score.

All decisions that are reconsidered and decided upon by the Admissions Committee under these circumstances are final and not subject to appeal. Admitted or enrolling students who feel an academic or personal integrity issue could arise or has arisen, or who have questions about this policy, should immediately be in touch with the Director of Admissions.