Access to Technology Resources

Access Eligibility

Information technology resources (computer hardware, software, networks, services, data, and other information) are made available at Pomona to support and facilitate the teaching, research and administrative functions of the College. Access to these resources is provided to employees of the College (faculty, administration, staff, maintenance and operations) and enrolled students consistent with their responsibilities.

Under no circumstances may anyone use college IT resources in ways that are illegal (e.g. copyright violations), threaten the College’s tax-exempt or other status, or interfere with reasonable use by other members of the College community. Use of these resources assumes compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy of The Claremont Colleges.

Other individuals, upon submission of a request, may be granted access to some, or all, of Pomona’s IT resources by the Vice-President and CIO for Information Technology Services. Generally, such individuals will have some association with the College. The terms of access will be stated at the time access is granted.

Account Activation/De-activation


The account activation process is automated such that the creation of each user account is triggered when an ID record is established in the Jenzabar CX HR module for employees or the Student System in the case of students. In the case of faculty and staff, account information and login instructions may be picked up in ITS (Note a picture ID is required). For students, account information and login instructions are mailed to each student’s address of record during the summer prior to her/his matriculation. New students entering during an academic year may pick up this information from ITS ( Note a picture ID is required).

Annually all employees with active CX accounts are required to sign the system security statement which is kept on file in ITS.



  1. All College employee accounts are deactivated upon termination of employment with the College. Emeriti faculty may retain their Pomona College account by making arrangements with the Dean’s Office.
  2. Upon notice of termination of employment the payroll department will enter the termination code into the employee’s record in the CX system.
  3. The termination code will trigger the creation of a nightly batch report that will list the name, ID number and department of all employees to be terminated on a specific date.
  4. This report will be automatically emailed to the respective departments.
  5. Upon receipt of the termination report, computer accounts will be deactivated by ITS within 24 hours. In the case of termination for cause, deactivation will occur immediately at the time pre-arranged with HR and the Department Head. ID card privileges will be deactivated by the Student Life Office.
  6. The CX account deactivation request will be forwarded to AISO for action according to their established procedures.
  7. In the event of the firing of an employee, the Director of HR shall place an advance call to the Director of ITS and to the Student Life Office notifying them of the exact date and time of termination so that all accounts can be deactivated promptly upon termination.

Inactive Accounts

Any account that is inactive for 180 consecutive days will automatically be deactivated. In order to activate such an account, the account owner will have to make the request in person with ITS and present a valid Pomona College photo ID.

Convention For User Names

Normally the standard Pomona naming convention for access to electronic systems comprises the first, middle and last initial plus five digits as follows:

College employees: FML04747
Guest Accounts: FML05151
Students: 0 (zero) plus the year of matriculation e.g. FML02003

Standard aliases are created for all users as part of an agreement among The Claremont Colleges. The format for these aliases is as follows:


Requests for additional aliases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such requests should be submitted to the Executive Director of ITS along with a justification for the request.