Pomona College Accounts Policy

Account Definitions

Pomona College Account

Pomona College account provides an individually assigned Network ID for use on most Pomona College technology systems. It may provide access to appropriate resources of the College such as e-mail, network resources, remote access, web-based services, and other electronic resources. There is no charge for a Pomona College account for eligible individuals (see below for eligibility criteria). Pomona College accounts are assigned by the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Registrar depending on the role of the user.

The following individuals may be eligible for a Pomona College Account:

  • Full and part-time Pomona College faculty and staff
  • Trustees
  • Currently enrolled students
  • Alumni
  • Faculty Emeriti
  • Summer Scholars
  • Currently enrolled cross-registered students
  • Non-Pomona student employees
  • Temporary workers while working at the College (at the discretion of the division head and Human Resources)
  • Faculty or staff on official sabbaticals or leaves of absence
  • Librarians of The Claremont Colleges

Sponsored Account

Sponsored account provides a Network ID to an otherwise non-eligible individual. A sponsored account allows some of the same access as a regular Pomona College account, but must be sponsored by a department or other appropriate individual and approved by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Information Technology Services (ITS) designate.

Requests for sponsored accounts should be submitted in writing to the Office of the Dean of the College or to Human Resources (HR). Please include the specific need for the account in the request.

Sponsored accounts are, by default, active for a maximum of one year unless renewed.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts provides temporary access to participants in conferences or events on campus. Conference and event organizers may request such accounts by contacting the ITS Service Desk. Please indicate the specific need for the guest account(s). Conference and event organizers must accept full responsibility for all activities that occur with any guest accounts they request.

The following roles do not necessarily qualify an individual for any of the above accounts:

  • Retired Staff
  • Terminated staff (voluntary or involuntary)
  • Partners of staff or faculty


  1. All eligible individuals are assigned a Pomona College Network ID.
  2. Access to electronic systems is a privilege which comes with responsibility to protect those systems. Users are responsible for the use of their account access. They should never disclose account credentials under any circumstances (except to authorized members of the College’s ITS department). Users should take all reasonable precautions, including, but not limited to, password changes and other file protection measures, to prevent unauthorized use of the systems and software accessible by means of account credentials.
  3. Users must respect the privacy of others and the integrity of the College’s computing and network systems, and must comply with The Claremont College Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Staff must use a non-forwarding, Pomona College-provided email account for work-related correspondence. Work-related correspondence should not be forwarded to non-Pomona College accounts.
  5. Work for Pomona College should be primarily completed and stored on Pomona-owned or -managed computers and/or services.
  6. Pomona College will make reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity and/or confidentiality of files stored on College or The Claremont Colleges Services hardware and to safeguard the contents from loss, but is not liable for the inadvertent or unavoidable loss or disclosure of the contents, for disclosure resulting from the unlawful acts of others, or for disclosure required by law.


The following outlines the process for deactivating those people no longer eligible for a Pomona College Network ID.


Unless an explicit exemption is granted (e.g., prior arrangement with the appropriate Vice-President or HR and approved by the CIO or ITS designate), staff accounts are deactivated within one (1) business day of the staff member’s effective termination date. In the event of termination for cause, deactivation will occur immediately at the time pre-arranged with HR and the respective Department Head.


Unless an explicit exemption is granted (e.g., retirement or prior arrangement with the academic dean’s office and approved by the CIO or ITS designate), faculty accounts are deactivated 180 days following the faculty member’s effective termination date.


Graduating – A student’s Pomona College Network ID will be migrated to an Alumni status December 1st after the date of separation from the College.

Non-returning – Students who transfer, withdraw, or otherwise do not return to the College will have their Pomona College accounts deactivated either

a) within one (1) business day of when records are updated by the Registrar’s office or

b) one (1) semester after the date they last attended classes. Students generally will be given at least one month of notice before deactivation.

Leave of Absence – Students planning to return but who will be gone longer than (1) semester after the date they last attended classes must obtain approval from the Dean of Students’ office in advance or their accounts will be deactivated on the schedule of a non-returning student.

Deactivated accounts are automatically deleted one month after the deactivation date.