E-Mail Distribution List Policy

E-mail distribution lists are designed to provide an easy way to create and maintain large E-mail mailing lists. These lists can be used for the one-way distribution of information, for E-mail based discussion, questions and answers, etc. Lists are created and “owned” by an E-mail user who manages the list’s behavior.

Any faculty, staff, or student member of the Pomona College community is entitled to become a list owner. Campus-based organizations and departments are also entitled to own lists, but an individual within the group must be designated as the list owner. Students must be in good standing with the Dean of Students Office and student organizations must be registered with the Dean of Students Office.

All lists must be approved by the Executive Director of ITS prior to creation, but the following general guidelines apply:

  1. The purpose of the list must pertain to Pomona College business.
  2. Lists are not open to off-campus subscribers unless special permission is obtained.
  3. It is the list owner’s responsibility to manage the list’s subscribers.
  4. Under no circumstances can a list be used to participate in or promote activities that are illegal or violate the Pomona College code of conduct.

To apply for list ownership please contact the ITS Service Desk (18061).

Mass Mailing Distribution Lists

As a service to the Pomona College community, several E-mail based mass mailing lists have been created. These are designed to facilitate the timely and cost-effective distribution of information to the campus community.

In order that these lists remain a reliable means of communication, it is important that members of the Pomona community abide by a few guidelines. These guidelines are not designed to limit free speech but are intended to keep your mail volume at a reasonable level. The following guidelines are intended to provide the user community with a set of protocols for the appropriate use of select College e-mail distribution lists.

The lists covered by these guidelines include:

  • faculty@pomona.edu
  • staff@pomona.edu
  • All_Students@pomona.edu
  • Student_Information@pomona.edu
  • events@pomona.edu

List Guidelines

  • Messages should be kept to 250 words or less.
  • Each message should contain a meaningful subject.
  • Please use “plain text” format. The complex use of color and graphics affects file size and load time and should be avoided.
  • Do not send attachments. If wish to share a document or complex graphics make the material available via the web using a tool like http://wfs.pomona.edu and provide only a summary in the email message. The email message then need only contain the URL in the body of the message.

For moderated lists, any infraction of these guidelines will be handled by the list moderator.