DMCA Policy/Procedures

The Executive Director of ITS shall serve as Pomona College’s designated contact for all Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) related issues.

Upon receipt of a notification from a bona fide copyright holder, or agent for the copyright holder, alleging that a user connected to Pomona’s network is in violation of the provisions of the DMCA, public access to the material will be disabled according to the following procedures. The individual’s network privileges will only be restored after the infringing materials are removed from the site and the person agrees to abide by the College’s Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources policy.

Following are the specific procedures to be followed by the ITS staff person responsible for unplugging the alleged offending user:

  1. Upon notification of the alleged offense and identification of the IP address in question a Footprints ticket is created.
  2. After establishing the port ID for the IP address Network Services sends the alleged offending individual the standard take down message along with a copy of the notice from the copyright holder. This message asks that the alleged offending material be removed within one (1) business day (Monday through Thursday) from the date/time of the message being sent. Take down messages will not be sent out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The Dean of Students is included on the Footprints ticket when this action is taken.
  3. Under the conditions noted above, the student has one (1) business day to comply with the notice and confirm back to ITS that the appropriate steps to remove the alleged offending material from his/her computer have been taken.
  4. If the student does not comply, ITS will block network access from the offending computer and the Dean of Students will be notified of the matter.
  5. Network access for the offending computer will not be turned back on until ITS receives a request to do so from the Dean of Students’ office.
  6. Notice of subsequent infractions will trigger an automatic take down by ITS and a referral of the matter to the Dean of Students’ Office.
  7. The block of the student’s network access will only be removed by notification from the Dean of Students’ Office that the infraction has been addressed.