Mobile Device Policy


To provide guidance to Pomona College, Faculty, and Staff on the appropriate use of both College-issued and personally-owned mobile Devices containing or accessing Pomona College confidential information.


Since Devices can be used to access Pomona College networks, systems and data, their use presents significant risks to the security of Pomona College data (hereafter, “College Data”). College Data includes any Pomona College related information, emails, documents, pictures, video, recordings or data whatsoever (including student data), whether or not such data is classified as confidential. In order to protect College Data and ensure compliance with data privacy laws, Pomona College requires all Devices (including personal Devices used to access Pomona College networks or data) to comply with certain minimum security standards as detailed below (“Security Standards”). It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their device complies the Security Standards detailed below prior to accessing the Pomona College networks or data.


In addition to stating the policy, a description of security standards, appropriate use, device disposal and handling of devices post-termination or departure.

Mobile Device Policy Details [pdf]