ITS Support of Tablets & Mobile Phones

At this time ITS supports only those devices that utilize the following mobile operating systems:

  • iOS (iPads, iPhones, etc)
  • Android (Motorolla Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc)
  • Windows (Windows Phone by HTC)

A Note from the Office of the Treasurer: Regarding Phones & Tablets

As technology changes and moves forward, it is sometimes challenging to keep pace. A number of individuals have recently purchased iPads to assist them with work, classroom and research responsibilities. We have seen an increasing number of iPad and data plan purchases on purchasing cards and end of year budget purchases. At a recent meeting of the Executive Staff we agreed to establish the following policy on iPad and iPad data plan purchases:

iPads may be purchased, upon approval of the relevant Vice President, using department funds, however, the College will not pay for data plans since most functions may be accessed over free wireless networks. This policy is consistent with the previous elimination of cell phone allowances. Temporary wireless internet access charges, incurred while traveling on College business, can be reimbursed upon approval by the department supervisor. Please make sure that any recurring data plans currently charged to College purchasing cards are moved to your personal credit card.

Thanks in advance for your compliance with this new policy.