Classroom Computer Policy

Pomona College ITS maintains all classroom computers and audio visual equipment. A “classroom” for the purposes of this policy is defined as one that is scheduled for classes by the Registrar’s Office. All existing technology-enhanced classrooms are on a regular replacement cycle (normally three to five years, depending on the technology lifecycle). If a department wishes to make a formal request for an additional technology-enhanced classroom, the request should be made to the Dean’s Office as part of the College’s normal E & A process each year.

Logging In

Pomona College uses network authentication to control access to the computers. All registered students, faculty and staff are allowed to use classroom computers as long as The Claremont Colleges’ Appropriate Use Policy is followed. A valid computer account including a login and password is needed to be able to utilize a computer in any of the classrooms. Local user accounts are not permitted on public classroom machines. Please be sure to logoff of the computer after use. We currently do not enforce an automatic logoff feature for classroom computers.

Computer Software

The computer in each classroom has a standard software image and is updated regularly throughout the semester. Many classrooms also have specialized software to meet the needs of a specific discipline. If you need any specialized software installed please contact ITS at least two business days before your class meets.

File Access and Storage

Storage of any files on classroom machines is not permitted. This not only protects your privacy, but also helps ITS maintain the computer in stable working order for all users and also allows ITS to replace malfunctioning hardware quickly. Users whose office computer is on the campus domain can easily access their files by simply logging in to his/her network account and accessing his/her files. Alternatives to accessing files on the network include using a USB thumb drive, a USB hard drive or bringing a CD/DVD containing the relevant files. Faculty with special needs related to the use of very large files or data sets in the classroom should contact ITS in order to discuss viable options.

Network Registration

All classroom computers have been preregistered on the Pomona network. If you experience limited connectivity please call the ITS Service Desk at (909) 621-8061.

Laptop Connections

If you prefer to use your own computer, all classrooms with projection systems also have laptop connections. ITS provides a VGA cable, an audio cable and an Ethernet cable. Macintosh users will have to provide the appropriate video adapter.

Wireless Internet Connections

Wireless Internet connections are available in most of the classrooms on campus. Connection to the Pomona wireless system requires the completion of the registration form. If you have already registered your laptop on the campus wireless network, it will not need to be registered again. If you have a guest coming to your class, please have him or her select the “Pom-Guest” option for connecting to the wireless network. The guest will be asked to enter his or her email address.