Technology Acquisition and Disposition Policy


To provide Pomona College with guidance to develop and implement the appropriate activities with regards to the acquisition, and eventual disposition or information technology assets, Pomona College system components, and third-party services.


Pomona College exercises due diligence and due care when engaging in the acquisition of information technology assets, including but not limited to, Pomona College system components, hardware, software, and third-party services. Pomona College recognizes that information technology assets have a limited useful lifespan and will designate appropriate End-of-Life (EoL) for information technology assets.


Pomona College requires that systems acquired for use in the Pomona College meet all Federal and State laws in addition to meeting security requirements. The acquisition begins with acceptable configuration provided by Pomona College to meet acceptable security standards as well as being appropriate for delivering the designated service, documentation that is distributed appropriately and a responsible end of life, disposed of in accordance with Pomona College policy and replaced.

Technology Acquisition and Disposition Policy Details [pdf]