Security Events and Anomalies Policy


To provide Pomona College with guidance to develop and implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of an information security event.


Pomona College employs controls to detect anomalous activity in a timely manner. Information regarding detected anomalous activity is gathered in order to understand the potential impact to Pomona College.


Pomona College will maintain a baseline configuration for network operations, reviewing that configuration and revising it on a regular basis or as required. Approved authorizations for control will be enforced.  All outgoing network traffic must pass through at least one filtering server with the understanding that there will be a list of allowed sites that can be accessed through this server.

Pomona College employs a “deny-all and permit only by exception” for connections between it and external systems. Each interconnection must be documented with clear characteristics, security requirements and the nature of communicated information.

Security Events and Anomalies Policy Details [pdf]