Use of Third Party Storage

The Use Of Third Party External Storage And File Transfer Services (E.G. Evernote, Google Apps, Etc.)

Third Party external storage and file transfer options are convenient for synchronizing a consistent set of files in External Storage folders on one or more computers and online storage as, well as for moving files from one device to another. The files in an External Storage folder can be used on any of the synchronized computers and they can be accessed via any modern web browser. The online files can also be accessed from mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, and there is a facility for sharing subfolders with others from the main External Storage folder. This makes External Storage an attractive platform for collaboration and sharing.

Use of these types of services does pose risks related to security, privacy, copyright and records retention. Therefore the following are guidelines that should be followed:

  • Files containing sensitive data should not be placed on third party External Storage drives.
  • Participants should not put anything on External Storage that they would not be comfortable sending as an email attachment.
  • External Storage is not to be used as the sole storage location for any College data, or as a recordkeeping system.
  • External Storage should not be used on mobile devices connected via unencrypted wifi networks (e.g. Starbucks hotspots, airport wireless services, etc.) or a device that is not protected by the use of a PIN to control unauthorized access to the device.

By making these recommendations, ITS is not suggesting that it can provide support or assistance to anyone using External Storage.