47 Ways to Thrive at Pomona

47 ways to thrive at Pomona

Discover 47 Ways to Thrive at Pomona!

Cecil standing on a skateboard with an illustrated map of Pomona locations

What Will You Explore?

Grow your Pomona experience to its fullest by exploring these 47 ways to help you thrive during your time on campus!

Discover 47 ways to thrive at Pomona and make the most of your campus experience! As the Office of Annual Giving, we take immense pride in supporting YOU by inspiring our Sagehen community to pass the torch of generosity. When our alumni and families embrace this ethos, they not only open doors of opportunity but also contribute to the growth of exceptional campus resources, ensuring you have access to a meaningful and fulfilling academic journey. Explore the curated list below to kickstart your journey of discovery, growth and camaraderie as you embrace the myriad opportunities Pomona has to offer. Complete five items on this list before the academic year ends then email the Office of Annual Giving to receive some Pomona swag!

First Year

Pomona-Pitzer players raise Sixth Street trophy
Check the football schedule for the annual Sixth Street Rivalry game!
  1. Create an account on Sagehen Connect to connect with fellow classmates and our network of alumni.
  2. Attend a CDO workshop to learn about internship opportunities, applying to graduate programs, scholarship information, and so much more!
  3. Make an account on Engage to get connected with Pomona’s clubs and organizations, see a calendar of student events, and access event registration tools for holding an event on campus.
  4. Support the Pomona-Pitzer football team at the Sixth Street Rivalry game!
  5. Learn why the number 47 is important to Pomona and add to the lore by finding an unexpected manifestation of the number.
  6. Seek out a Sage Fellow for peer academic coaching.
  7. Write a message on Walker Wall, Pomona’s historic free speech wall, with your sponsor group.
  8. Attend a Family Weekend event with a loved one in October.
  9. Attend your Orientation Adventure to meet new friends and transition to college life while exploring the diverse wilderness, cultural and entertainment options around LA.
  10. Support a cause or program you feel passionately about at Pomona by donating on Giving Tuesday.

Sophomore Year

Cecil waving from Seaver House balcony
The Seaver House
  1. Tour Pomona’s alumni center at the historic Seaver House by contacting the Office of Annual Giving.
  2. Sign up for mentoring from a Pomona alum Sage Coach through Sagehen Connect's Sagepost47.
  3. Meet and connect with alumni at the CDO's Chirp and Chat event during Alumni Weekend.
  4. Cheer on our women's or men's basketball team at their annual Sixth Street Rivalry game!
  5. Take a photo with Cecil the Sagehen. Say cheese!
  6. Support non-profit organizations fighting hunger by purchasing Challah from the Challah for Hunger club.
  7. Join the Pomona College Career Connections LinkedIn Group to learn about careers, seek advice and gain support, and expand your Sagehen network.
  8. Join your classmates for some surf and snow at Pomona's traditional Ski-Beach Day.
  9. Practice your language skills and eat lunch at one of Oldenborg’s language tables.
  10. Follow @SagehensGiving on Instagram for student-curated philanthropy education and opportunities.

Junior Year

Draper Center
The Draper Center
  1. Spend a rainy day browsing the artwork at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College.
  2. Rent some free outdoor gear for your next camping trip from the alumni-funded Outdoor Education Center. Did we mention it's free?
  3. Play a game of pick-up basketball and enjoy the views of the San Gabriel mountains at the CARW.
  4. Receive assistance on an assignment at the Writing Center or the Quantitative Skills Center.
  5. Volunteer at Pomona's Organic Farm. Overalls optional.
  6. Rent a Green Bike from the Sustainability Office.
  7. Attend a concert at Little Bridges.
  8. Volunteer at Pomona's Draper Center for Community Partnerships and bear your added riches.
  9. Check out a laundry rack or compost bucket for your dorm from the Sustainability Office.
  10. Purchase dorm or apartment supplies and gear at a reduced cost at the fall Recoop Sale.

Senior Year

Frary dining hall
José Clemente Orozco's Prometheus in Frary Dining Hall
  1. Apply for funding for a sustainability project through the President’s Sustainability Fund.
  2. Volunteer on 4/7 Day to demonstrate your #SagehenImpact!
  3. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor in the CDO for a practice interview session, help writing a resume, career guidance and so much more.
  4. Support ASPC by purchasing lunch at the Coop Fountain.
  5. Listen to student-curated playlists on KSPC 88.7 FM.
  6. Attend a workshop, activity or program at the Hive. Unleash your creativity!
  7. Find discounted textbooks and other books at the Book Room.
  8. Attend an Oldenborg Luncheon Colloquium. Hear from noted scholars, writers, activists and professionals speak on topics of cultural and international interest.
  9. Dress up for some food, fun and time with Prometheus at Pomona's annual winter formal, the Yule Ball.
  10. Celebrate your class’s accomplishments by attending a Senior Class Gift event during your senior year

Bonus Opportunities

Smith Campus Center
The Fountain at Smith Campus Center
  1. Visit the California Botanic Garden, just across the street from The Claremont Colleges. 
  2. Begin your college journey at Pomona by participating in the tradition of walking "Through the Gates" at New Student Orientation. Don't forget to chirp as you walk through!
  3. Celebrate your new degree and say farewell to Pomona with an exiting walk through the College Gates at Commencement. 
  4. Contact the Office of Annual Giving and share a story of gratitude for a professor, program, campus resource or other opportunity that has impacted your student experience.
  5. Volunteer to be an advocate for a crowdfunding campaign. Reach out to the Office of Annual Giving to give a little of your time and lend your voice to support an area of Pomona that matters to you.
  6. Take part in the tradition of “fountaining” a friend on their birthday.
  7. Sit out in the sunshine and take a swim with friends on south campus at Pendleton Pool.