Ali Barber ‘20
Ali Barber ’20

Head Tour Guide

Cynthia Cuellar ‘21
Cynthia Cuellar '21

Head Tour Guide

Kyle Lee '20
Kyle Lee ’20

Head Tour Guide

Alexa Stanton ‘20
Alexa Stanton '20

Head Tour Guide

Nick Timms ‘21
Nick Timms '21

Head Tour Guide

Emma Vorenberg ‘20
Emma Vorenberg ’20

Head Tour Guide

Bryce Wachtell ‘21
Bryce Wachtell '21

Head Tour Guide

Thomas Campbell

Assistant Dean of Admissions
Tour Guide Program Manager

Carolyn Starks

Assistant Dean of Admissions
Tour Guide Program Manager

Gabe Abdellatif

Riverdale High School, Portland, OR

Major: Politics

When Gabe isn't giving tours he can be found spending time with friends, competing with Pomona's student-run Mock Trial Team, serving on Pomona's Judicial Board, or volunteering as a Pomona Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) mentor with the Draper Center for Community Partnerships. Oh, and Gabe's favorite part of being a tour guide is all the attention.

Vicky-Marie Addo Ashong ‘20

George Mason High School, Falls Church, VA

Major/Minor: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a politics concentration, Mathematics (minor)

A member of the Pomona-Pitzer Varsity Volleyball and Track & Field teams, Vicky-Marie can be found off the court or the track supporting her fellow Sagehens in all their endeavors—artistic, academic or athletic. She also enjoys reading about politics and history or struggling over math problem sets. Outside of school, Vicky loves going to the beach or pool, doing online shopping, going out to dinner and watching MTV.

Zachary Ade ’22

Whitefish High School, Whitefish, MT

Major: Undecided

For as long as he can remember, Zachary has had a passion for public speaking. Hailing from Montana, he loves to be outdoors soaking up the sun in the beautiful Claremont area. During the day, you can find Zachary participating in Pomona College Mock Trial, actively cheering during NBA games on TV, and just spending quality time with friends. As an undeclared first-year, he is exploring courses in a variety of majors with the intention of one day being able to go into media or sports broadcasting.

Victoria (Tori) Agostini ‘20

Spring Valley High School, Columbia, SC

Major: International Relations

An international relations major, Tori also enjoys French and economics. Outside of the classroom, you can spot her at the pool with the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Swim Team or playing intramural inner-tube water polo. She enjoys hiking and visiting museums in L.A. during her free time.

Abdul Ajeigbe ’22

Science Park High School, Newark, NJ

Major: Undecided

Abdul can probably be found in his dorm room blasting Beyoncé, J Cole, and everything in between. Outside of tour guiding, he is involved with Impact Lab, the 5C club basketball team, and Jumpstart (a 5C volunteer program at local preschools in low-income neighborhoods). His favorite things about Southern California are the palm trees and warm sun!

Salamata Bah

Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, Bronx, NY

Majors: Public Policy Analysis (PPA)

Salamata is from a predominantly Hispanic and Black neighborhood in the Bronx. Although she lived in NYC for 14 years of her life, she has also lived in the West African country of Guinea for four years. Currently, her favorite class is Korean because she is addicted to Korean dramas and looks forward to the day she can study abroad in South Korea. 

Ali Barber

Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA (home is San Francisco, CA)

Major/Minor: History with an environmental history concentration & Economics (minor)

When Ali is not in a history or economics class, you can usually spot her drinking coffee and doing homework outside. Beyond tour guiding, Ali helps out as a class mentor, works on the Pomona Events Committee (planning fun times with free food!) and is involved in the Planned Parenthood club. In her free time, she loves listening to podcasts and hiking in the nearby mountains.

Brendan Barrow

The Blake School, Minneapolis, MN

Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Politics (minor)

Brendan is a sponsor, a live-in resource for a group of freshman students. When not giving tours or helping sponsees figure out Pomona’s course registration system, you’ll find him trying to stay awake in class, talking pictures outside, working on creative writing in one of the lounges, or just listening to jazz in his room. (Or, let’s be honest, probably asleep, having forgotten to turn his music off). He finds the notion that 65 degrees is cold to be quite amusing.

Spencer Barsh ’22

Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA

Major/Minor: Psychological Science, Chemistry & French (double minor)

Adventurous and enthusiastic, Spencer enjoys learning and trying new things. He takes advantage of Pomona’s liberal arts curriculum to take courses ranging from Chemistry to Psychology to Yoga. Outside of classes and being a tour guide, you can find Spencer hanging with his spiblings (ask him what that means on his tour!) or playing Wii in Harwood lounge. A native Philadelphian, he loves soaking in the SoCal sunshine and can’t wait to see you all on tours!

Jacob Brawer

Flintridge Preparatory School, La Cañada, CA

Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Math (minor)

Fascinated by human behavior and the computation that takes place in the brain, Jacob studies neuroscience, math and psychology and is currently conducting his thesis on the neural correlates of humor using fMRI data. Outside of class and guiding, Jacob is part of Pomona Consulting Group, is a member of the Judicial Council and serves as a Neuroscience Department Liaison. Jacob also loves basketball, escaping to the beach with his friends, and intramural spikeball.

Madi Brothers ’22

Carmel High School, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Majors: Environmental Analysis and Politics (...probably)

When Madi isn’t perfecting her backwards walk on tours, she can be found at the local bubble tea shop, T&Joy, practicing her expensive new habit, spending time with her fellow spiblings (sponsor group siblings), working at the Coop Store, and—undoubtedly—taking naps. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and spending too much time watching TV. Warning: tours may contain quotes from The Office.

Matthew Brown

St. John's School, Houston, TX

Major: Music

Matthew can usually be found in Thatcher Music Building  rehearsing with the Pomona College Choir and Glee Club, practicing for piano and voice lessons, or serving as a mentor for music theory classes. Venturing out of Thatcher, Matthew works as director of logistics for Claremont Splash, an educational outreach group, and as a composer and music director for The Green Room, a 5C theatre group. Matthew loves to unwind with long contemplative walks and repeated viewings of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Check out his musical handiwork in "Sagehen, Next"!

Tyler Bunton

Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, CT

Majors: English & International Relations

Tyler is torn between interests in international relations, English and Spanish. In his free time he enjoys learning new languages, writing or reading at SkySpace, taking violin lessons, playing in the Pomona College Orchestra and lounging on Marston Quad. Some Crust coffee and memes round out his interests. 

Geraldine Castaneda

C.K. McClatchy High School, Sacramento, CA

Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a Chicanx/Latinx studies concentration

When not in class, this Sactown girl can be found riding her squeaky (lovely) bike around campus, working with the Draper Center, or re-watching episodes of The Office. Geraldine loves to dance salsa and play tennis (only occasionally at the same time) and is involved in IDEAS and the First-Gen, Low-Income groups on campus.

Cogie Celzo

River Valley High School, Fort Mohave, AZ

Major: (potential) Asian American Studies, Neuroscience and/or Psychological Science

A sponsor for the bright first-years, mentor/advisor for high school students in PAYS (Pomona College Academy for Youth Success), member of PSS (Pomona Science Scholars), and a lab/research assistant in a Neuroscience lab that works with the neuronal mechanisms of decision-making behavior in C. elegans, Cogie still has time for hobbies! He partakes in frequent volleyball games with friends on Marston Quad or on one of the beaches on campus, plays his ukulele and sings out his dorm windows, and is a regular at Pendleton Pool, reading poetry under the sun.

Nolan Clark ’22

Nevada Union High School, Grass Valley, CA

Major: Geology

Nolan is from a small mountain town in Northern California and has been passionate about the outdoors and the environment from a young age. He spends his time hiking, skiing, reading about nature, staring at the San Gabriel Mountains, and licking rocks (it’s a thing in geology). Find him lying on the grass in Marston Quad or in Edmunds Hall looking at all the beautiful minerals.

Haidee Clauer ’22

Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, Kansas City, MO

Majors: Physics & Environmental Analysis

Haidee enjoys biking around, trying all the on-campus coffee shops with friends, heading to ultimate frisbee practice, or getting the scoop as a writer for The Student Life newspaper. When Haidee isn't tour guiding, she can be found goofing off in the physics lounge, gazing at the mountains from the Scripps dining hall balcony, or reading in trees.

Cynthia Cuellar ‘21

Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School, Los Angeles, CA

Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a chemistry concentration

Guatemalan-born, Cynthia enjoys doing nearly everything—unless it's related to sports. When she's not walking backwards as a tour guide, you can find her dancing (as in the Salsa Club!), wearing a blue lab coat as a research assistant, or tutoring chemistry students. She loves petting cute dogs on Marston Quad, eating yummy omelets at Frank Dining Hall and making cute crafts at the Hive.

Danny DeBare ’22

Piedmont High School, Piedmont, CA

Major/Minor: Politics, Spanish (minor)

Entering Pomona after a gap year in Ecuador, Danny is a Head Baker for Claremont Challah. Involved in a myriad of progressive political groups—from the local College Community Action Network (CCAN) to J Street U—Danny helped to flip the nearest Orange County district in November 2018 (#teamGil). Danny loves volunteering through the Draper Center and gorging on the incredible vegetarian options here on campus.

Lily Feldman ’21

The Dalton School, New York, NY

Major/Minor: Math, Art (minor)

Lily is undeclared but thoroughly enjoys math, art, dance, sociology and boba. She is a sponsor for Blaisdell 2 Front (go B2F!) and is one of the rare few who actually enjoys ice breakers. Every Friday she sells bread in the morning (with Challah for Hunger) and works with students at a nearby school in the afternoons with Pomona Partners, a program at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships.

Tessa Fujisaki ’21

Redmond High School, Redmond, WA

Major: Biology

A transfer from UC Berkeley, Tessa is enjoying exploring the sunny beaches, Joshua Tree National Park and Mount Baldy. Outside of tour guiding, she is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Track and Field team, helped start a 5C Dance Marathon club, and volunteers at the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. She loves eating (especially at the 5C dining halls), swimming in the Pitzer pool, and reading.

Eric Garcia ’21

Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco, CA

Major: Neuroscience

Hailing from San Francisco, Eric Garcia is fascinated by the biological mechanisms of human behavior. Outside the classroom, Eric can be found dancing on the 5C urban dance team “Groove Nation Dance Crew,” serving as a sponsor in the residence halls, mentoring students in chemistry, or gearing up for his potential professional Frisbee career on Marston Quad if neuroscience doesn’t work out.

Michelle Garcia ’22

Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA

Major: Molecular Biology

Michelle loves to learn about anything science-related and to dabble in Chicanx/Latinx literature. When she is not studying, she is building Lego-like animals and running around beautiful Claremont. She is also involved in the first-generation and/or low-income (FLI) community, Claremont Christian Fellowship, and the Organic Farm.

Tray Hammond

Westtown School, West Chester, PA (home is Martin, TN)

Major: Theatre

Raised in rural West Tennessee, Tray attended boarding school outside of Philadelphia. On campus, Tray is involved in groups such as The Green Room (a 5C theatre group) and That Saturday Club (a club that offers party alternatives on Saturday nights). As a sponsor in Mudd 1Back, Tray helps first-years transition to college. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, singing and dancing, and taking advantage of the beautiful SoCal weather.

Henry Jacobs

Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, NY

Major: Computer Science

When Henry is not studying, he is involved with the On The Loose outdoors club and works for The Student Life (TSL) newspaper. Henry loves hiking, camping and listening to music, so feel free to ask him for music suggestions or about that time he thought he was going to be eaten by a coyote.

Bella Kearney ‘21

Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco, CA

Major: (possibly) Public Policy Analysis (PPA)

A proud Sagehen who runs for both the women's cross country and track teams, Bella also works at the McAlister Center for Religious Activities. The sunny outside tables of the SCC (Smith Campus Center) are often her favorite place to settle down with readings for classes or a fiction recommendation from my nana.

Sagehen Tour Guide

Parkview High School, Lilburn, GA

Major: Undecided

Ashley is leaning toward a major in Public Policy Analysis with a focus on Economics and a minor in Cognitive Science. She is involved with Pomona College’s Judicial Council, Mock Trial, Model UN, and OBSA (Office of Black Student Affairs). She loves reading and watching documentaries, and her ultimate guilty pleasures have to be watching the TV show Psych and binging on Candy Crush.

Kyle Lee

Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn, NY

Majors: Psychology & Theatre

When not practicing his backwards walk, Kyle can be found perfecting his Mandarin at one of Oldenborg’s language tables over lunch, trying to find out which dining hall has chicken tenders, or dancing in the 5C group Groove Nation. He also enjoys acting, singing and exploring Southern California with friends.

Derry Li

St. Michaels University School, Victoria, BC, Canada

Major: Undecided

Born and raised in northeastern China, Derry now lives in Vancouver, Canada. His spirit animal is a sloth. When not napping, you can find him cruising between the darkroom and Seaver North, where he attempts to make some magic out of chemicals. He has changed his majors four times and is still very unsure about what he wants to do. But that’s ok, “such is the liberal arts,” he tells himself.

Michelle Li ‘20

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA

Majors: Math & Economics

Michelle regularly performs in dance concerts, plays the piano and works as a mentor in the Math department. She loves Philz coffee and wearing flip flops, and, outside of class and the dance studio, you can find her stashing away Hagoromo chalk in Millikan (likely), sleeping in front of the Living Room fireplace (more likely), or eating curly fries at the Hub (most likely).

Joseph Lopez '20

Keystone School, San Antonio, TX

Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Chemistry (minor)

Joseph was a Summer Intern, so he has racked up a LOT of tours. Off campus, his favorite place is the Santa Monica Pier. On campus, he enjoys being part of the Theatre crew and the Pomona Events Committee. His fun fact: he once ate a two-pound burrito. 

Selena Lopez ’22

James Island Charter High School, Charleston, SC

Majors: International Relations & Romance Languages

Selena can sum up her passions in three words: politics, foreign languages, and education. Whether it’s reading the news over breakfast in Frank dining hall, having conversations about how cool Spanish and French are (and every other language, of course), or tutoring on the weekends, Selena loves being involved with the Pomona community–especially Admissions.

Kamil Lungu

Lane Technical College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL

Majors: International Relations & Russian-East European Studies

Kamil is heavily involved with various political groups and co-founded the College Democrats Chapter. As a Russian department liaison, he organizes cultural events and is an editor for the Department journal. In his spare time he attempts to make latté art and is an avid record collector.

Gillian Meyer

The Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

Majors: Economics & Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with an economics concentration

When not giving tours, Gillian can be found eating Trader Joe’s snacks, watching The West Wing and playing with her dog, Maple. Gillian hopes to one day overcome her fear of heights and climb the leaning tree in Marston Quad, but for now she is content with sitting on the beautiful and well-manicured lawn while people approach her and ask to pet her amazing dog.

Liceo Europeo, Alcobendas, Spain Majors: Math & Physics Rafa is a cool Spaniard who would not mind telling you about something awesome he just found out about physics or math. He also likes to learn languages, finds linguistics to be pretty cool, and dabb

United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

Major: Economics

Prior to joining Pomona, Lukas served as an Infantry Sergeant in the Singapore military for two years and swam on the national team for seven years. Outside of touring, Lukas is an NCAA National Swimming Champion and 13-time All-American, member of the Pomona-Pitzer Swim and Dive Team, a computer science research assistant, a web assistant/developer for the College, and a member of AI and cryptocurrency clubs. In his free time, he enjoys snow hikes on Mt. Baldy, heading with friends to Laguna Beach for clear waters, or exploring L.A.

Cecil Leading Campus Tour Group

Chatham Hall, Chatham, VA  (home is Raleigh, NC)

Majors: Media Studies & English

There are so many interesting things to study at Pomona that Skye has had a tough time declaring a major (so she picked two). In her free time, Skye enjoys writing for The Student Life newspaper, playing on the 5C club field hockey team, struggling to learn upright bass and DJing for the campus radio station, KSPC.

Tulika Mohan

Sanskriti School, New Delhi, India

Majors: Politics & Economics

When Tulika is not giving tours, she enjoys listening to Bollywood music, watching trashy television shows, and playing with other peoples' dogs. She is also a mentor with ISMP (International Student Mentorship Program)

Phuong Nguyen ’22

Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Hanoi, Vietnam

Major: (probably) Physics

Besides giving tours, Phuong’s favorite activities are enjoying the beautiful California sunshine outside the Sagehen Café and curling up in the cozy living room inside the Smith Campus Center. When she is not studying, she can be found practicing hand lettering with her fancy brush pens or lying on Marston Quad reading her favorite books. She loves her college experience and can’t wait to show you how amazing Pomona is.

Jacob Noh ’21

Mill Creek High School, Hoschton, GA

Major: History

Jacob’s history major has a concentration in Asian history. On campus, he is heavily involved with AAMP (Asian American Mentor) and enjoys the warm climate of Southern California, the suburban atmosphere of Claremont, playing basketball, watching Korean dramas, and listening to The Fray.

Ethan Ong ’21

Newport High School, Bellevue, WA

Majors: Math & Politics

Ethan can be seen regularly making boba at Milk and Honey, waiting for the Thatcher elevator with his double bass, and boarding a little too fast past Marston Quad. He loves artists such as Hyukoh, Zion T., and Sam Kim, and outside of class you may find him secretly getting a drink at Tocaja, backpacking up the Thatcher stairs, or stopping to nap on Marston Quad.

Jay Pier

Proctor Academy, Andover, NH (home is Freeport, ME)

Major: Undecided

Jay is a first-year student who is very much undecided in terms of a major, exploring the spectrum of everything from Romance Languages and Literatures to Science, Technology, and Society. Being from New England, he is often soaking up the California sun on Marston Quad, or else adventuring with friends somewhere in Southern California. He also sings, dances, lifeguards (sometimes all three simultaneously), acts, and searches for the best frozen yogurt in all of Los Angeles.

Gabriel Piscitello ‘20

Pacific Ridge School, Carlsbad, CA (home is Encinitas, CA)

Major/Minor: Economics, History (minor)

Originally from Denver, Gabe spent most of his life in Southern California. When he’s not talking about Pomona, he enjoys sharing facts about his hometown (the yoga capital of the Western Hemisphere!) and his love for golden retrievers. Gabe joined the Pomona community as a sophomore transfer student from a large public university. A member of the Pomona Consulting Group and Pomona Ventures, Gabe also enjoys hiking, photography, skiing, and discovering new coffee shops.

Allie Pitchon

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Major: International Relations

Allie is a member of the Pomona College Model United Nations team, a student representative on the Pomona College Curriculum Committee and a participant in the 4/7 Leadership Certificate Program. In her free time, she enjoys getting sushi with her friends in the Claremont Village and watching late night political satire to excess.

Ian Poveda ’21

Westminster Christian School, Miami, FL

Major/Minor: Spanish, Chemistry (minor)

When Ian isn’t listening to Beyoncé, he can usually be spotted roaming campus taking photos or videos as a photographer for the Pomona College Communications Office and The Student Life newspaper (TSL). He serves as a mentor for first-year Chicanx/Latinx students and is passionate about people. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in dentistry–he currently serves on the board for the 5C Pre-Dental Club and volunteers at nearby schools to teach good brushing skills.

Andriw Read ’22

High School of American Studies at Lehman College, Bronx, NY

Majors: Economics & Politics

Coming from the fast pace of NYC, Andriw enjoys slowing things down and taking long naps under the sun on Marston Quad. Being a First-Generation/Low-Income (FLI) Mentor and Social Outreach Coordinator for the LatinX Alliance fills Andriw’s day with interacting with students and conjuring ideas to bring together these intersectional identities. He spends a lot of his time in club volleyball and tennis practices trying to better his games. When he’s taking a break to relax from his STEM-heavy schedule, you can find him challenging his friends to a competitive game of Mario Kart or enjoying the view from Oldenborg balcony.

Kaitlin Robertson ’21

Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ (home is Saint James, Jamaica)

Majors/Minor: Politics and East Asian Studies, Chinese (minor)

Kaitlin is a mentor to first-year international students and believes that, while Jamaica’s weather is superior, SoCal’s is a close second. When not in class, Kaitlin can be found sitting by the fountains on campus attempting to do work and drinking Sagehen Café espresso all while trying to avoid the campus squirrels. Otherwise, she is most likely listening to crime podcasts with “Scotty and the Boys,” her four (plant) children.

Nat Serrurier ‘21

Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR

Majors: Biology & Spanish

Although he is not quite sure of anything, Nat thinks he would like to major in Spanish or Biology and is currently on a pre-health track. Outside the classroom, Nat plays on the tennis team and works at the Pomona College Museum of Art. He enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring the different Claremont campuses and is an avid fan of almond butter.

Kari Siegenthaler ’22

Liberal Arts and Science Academy, Austin, TX

Major: Undecided

Kari is exploring courses in Arabic, Philosophy, and anything else that piques her interest. Meanwhile, she spends most days smiling—laughing with friends, napping on Marston Quad, and punching with vigor in Claremont Boxing Club. Kari especially enjoys going on trips with Pomona College Model UN, de-stressing by making art, and searching for the 5C chocolate chip cookie that reigns supreme.

Anna Sipowicz ’22

Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR

Major: Music

Anna is usually talking or laughing—often loudly. A native Oregonian, she actually enjoys the rare rainy days here in Claremont. She can often be heard singing in her dorm hallway, on Marston Quad, and in Thatcher Hall with the Pomona College Choir and Glee Club. In her free time, Anna searches for the best non-dairy milk and shares her affinity for stripes.

Alexa Stanton ‘20

San Francisco University High School (home is Portsmouth, NH)

Major: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

A San Francisco native, Alexa now lives in New Hampshire, where she spends her time cooking and complaining about the below-60-degrees weather. She serves as a Philosophy Liaison, a microeconomics mentor, and a member of the Judicial Board. Outside of class, you can find her debating political philosophies or, better yet, The Bachelor fan theories.

Ana Stevens

Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA

Major: Biology

Ana dances for and competes with The Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. As event coordinator for Challah for Hunger, she enthusiastically sells challah on Fridays. Besides dancing and bread, she enjoys photography, hot chocolate and sitting in the sun.

Elli Stogiannou ’22

Anatolia College, Thessaloniki, Greece

Major: Undecided

Elli comes from Thessaloniki, the not-so-famous "co-capital" of Greece. Being very unsettled in her major, Elli enjoys taking unrelated classes, ranging from Linguistic Anthropology to Black and White Photography. Member of the Claremont Debate Union, and agent at Star47 Student Calling Program, she loves to talk and argue about everything.

Sarah Sundermeyer ‘21

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA

Major: Gender and Women's Studies

Sarah lis a serial hobbyist with a love for studying justice issues and studio art. Around campus, she can be found rehearsing with the 5C a cappella group Midnight Echo, practicing aerial silks, planning protests with fellow students, or doing handstands in Circus Club. She has a compulsory need to pet every dog she passes and is likely to slide into the splits at a moment's notice.

Britney Tan ’22

Big Spring High School, Big Spring, Texas

Major: Undecided (potentially Media Studies)

Straight out of a small city in west Texas, Britney loves watching way too many lifestyle videos on YouTube, traveling, and learning as much as possible. A potential Media Studies major, she’s always looking for new recommendations on what to watch. When she’s not touring, she’s crashing friends’ rooms, eating too many cookies with ice cream, or walking aimlessly around campus.

Nick Timms ‘21

Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL

Major: International Relations

Coming from the southside of Chicago, Nick can do without all the winter snow. Some of his favorite pastimes include gazing at the San Gabriel mountains for hours and skateboarding around campus. You’ll usually find him in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops on any given occasion (except on tours). He’s a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Track & Field Team, FLI Scholars, a mentor for OBSA and a happy sponsor of 18 first-years (go B2F!). If you see him staring into the sky, don’t be alarmed: he’s either marveling at the planes flying into LAX or is in deep contemplation of whether he should spend money on a breakfast burrito at the Coop Fountain—again.

Brandon Tran

Adrian C. Wilcox High School, Santa Clara, CA

Major: Math

Coffee is Brandon's best friend through thick and thin: It aids in his battles against theoretical math problems, supplements his time with friends, and calms him during even the most stressful times. Coffee also helps him plan FoRCES meetings, a club committed to bringing representation to minorities in STEM, as well as integrating these issues with the humanities to bring about accurate, relevant change. You won't get lost on his tours; just follow the trailing scent of coffee.

Daziah Turner ‘21

North College Hill High School, Cincinnati, OH

Major/Minor: Computer Science, Spanish (minor)

A prospective computer science major, Daziah possesses a love for the Spanish language and culture. She takes free cello lessons on campus, works as a member of the Campus Center for Audio/Visual Event Services, and tutors high school students in math and Spanish.  When not working, she enjoys socializing and making new friends around The Claremont Colleges.

Liliana Valle ’22

Eastside High School, Gainesville, FL

Major: Undecided

Liliana is considering majoring in Physics and French. Outside of quantum mechanics and wanting to become a Parisian, she is passionate about Latin American history and Frank brunch on Sundays. When she is not giving tours, you can find her playing 5C Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, working at the Sustainability Integration Office, or eating a Some Crust cookie.

Emma Vorenberg

Barrington High School, Barrington, RI

Major: Linguistics

A lover of languages, Emma has studied French and Arabic and is currently part of a team project to highlight linguistic diversity at Pomona. She is a research assistant in the French department and a Linguistics mentor, and she also volunteers with the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network by tutoring at a local mosque. When not giving tours, she can be found at the gym, downing coffee from the Sagehen Café, or power napping.

Bryce Wachtell ‘21

Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT (home is Boise, ID)

Major: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Bryce is a newly declared PPE major. He currently writes for The Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and is a leader for On the Loose, the outdoors club of The Claremont Colleges, and an Orientation Adventure group leader. He can be found hanging around Skyspace or napping on Marston Quad most days, and he never misses brunch at Frank Dining Hall.

Lizzy Wickham ’20

St Paul's Girls' School, London, UK

Major/Minor: Art History, Media Studies minor

Born and raised in London, Lizzy (naturally) loves the Great British Baking Show. She can usually be found singing in her a cappella group, One Night Stanza, or relaxing on Walker Beach. As an Art History major and a curatorial intern at the Pomona College Museum of Art, she is particularly excited about the new campus museum opening in the fall (the Benton) and loves going into L.A. for art exhibitions. She is also a dedicated Sagehens fan, who never misses a game and often loses her voice from cheering (much to the chagrin of her a capella group).

Sabrina Wong ‘20

Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT (home is Weston, MA)

Major/Minor: Psychology, Economics (minor)

When not tour guiding, Sabrina can be found hanging out with friends while exploring L.A. and trying out new restaurants. She is also one of the directors of Pomona Consulting Group, a student organization that strives to provide students with hands-on consulting experience while delivering top quality service to a wide range of industries. Sabrina also takes a mean sunset photo (see Pomona Admissions' Instagram for evidence).

Max Wragan ’22

The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ (home is Washington, D.C.)

Major: Neuroscience

Outside of class and the neuro lab, you can find Max playing frisbee with the 5C women’s ultimate disc team or at morning meditation with the Claremont Mindfulness Club. Max’s favorite thing to do on campus is split a milkshake with friends at the Coop Fountain.

David Yu ’21

Davis Senior High School, Davis, CA

Major: Asian Studies, with a concentration in Japanese History

In addition to being an Asian Studies liaison, David also plays trumpet in the Pomona College Jazz Band. He would also like to emphasize that, although he studies Japanese, he does not watch anime (although he respects its artistry)! Outside of class, you can find David listening to Kendrick Lamar, playing Smash Bros., and feeding his addiction to boba.

Yuxin "Hans" Zhou ‘20

St. Mark’s School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Classics

Hans loves his academic experiences at Pomona, as both EA and Classics allow him to explore many disciplines. Outside of classed, he serves as an ISMP (International Student Mentor Program) mentor, an ASPC senator, and a member of Pomona Student Union. He is often found perfecting hs ballroom dancing techniques or exploring museums and food in L.A.