John "Jack" Buyske ‘18
John "Jack" Buyske ‘18

Head Tour Guide

Jack Gomberg ‘18
Jack Gomberg ‘18

Head Tour Guide

Alejandro Guerrero Vargas ‘19
Alejandro Guerrero Vargas ‘19

Head Tour Guide

Soleil Ball Van Zee  ‘19
Jennifer "Jenny" Thompson ‘19

Head Tour Guide

Thomas Campbell

Assistant Dean of Admissions
Tour Guide Program Manager

Victoria (Tori) Agostini ‘20
Victoria (Tori) Agostini ‘20

Spring Valley High School, Columbia, SC

Major: International Relations

Tori is a prospective international relations major who also enjoys French and economics. Outside of the classroom, you can spot Tori at the pool with the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Swim Team or playing intramural innertube water polo. She enjoys hiking and visiting museums in L.A. during her free time outside the pool.

Cecil leads the tour on skateboard
Chloe An ‘18

Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis, MO

Major/Minor: Environmental Analysis (major), Computer Science (minor)

Chloe probably would still be undecided if she wasn’t forced to graduate—there are just too many cool things to learn about in this world! When she's not running for the Pomona-Pitzer Track and Field team, she is probably running to a student government meeting or to Snack, the best part of the day on Sundays through Wednesdays (if you've never heard of Snack, ask your tour guide what this is!!). Chloe has an irrational fear of elevators, wears her Birkenstocks almost religiously, and once got stuck climbing a tree in Marston Quad and had to be helped down from 5 feet above the ground due to a paralyzing fear of heights.

Salamata Bah
Salamata Bah ‘20

Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, Bronx, NY

Majors: Public Policy Analysis (PPA)

Salamata is from a predominantly Hispanic and Black neighborhood in the Bronx. Although she lived in NYC for 14 years of her life, she has also lived in the West Africa country of Guinea for 4 years. Currently, her favorite class is Korean because she is addicted to Korean dramas and looks forward to the day she can study abroad in South Korea. 

Soleil Ball Van Zee '19
Soleil Ball Van Zee '19

The Dalton School, New York, NY

Majors: Politics & Art History

Soleil devotes a lot of time to her work as Student Coordinator for the Rooftop Garden Project at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships. She has also been elected as the Student Representative to the Trustee Academic Affairs Committee and serves as Appeals Chair for the student Judicial Council. Soleil also enjoys eating long, leisurely meals in the dining halls, playing KenKen, and going camping and getting lost with friends in Joshua Tree.  

Ali Barber
Ali Barber ‘20

Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA (home is San Francisco, CA)

Majors: History & Spanish

Ali is still considering a variety of majors, including linguistics, history and Spanish. Outside of class, she loves hiking, running and any sort of outdoor adventure. She spends her time on campus working for Pomona-Pitzer Athletics, volunteering through the Draper Center for Community Partnerships and training with a friend for their next half-marathon.

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown ‘20

St. John's School, Houston, TX

Major: Music

Matthew is a music major who can usually be found in the Thatcher Music Building practicing piano and voice or rehearsing with the Pomona College Choir and Glee Club. Matthew is also a member of Claremont Splash and volunteers with Learning in Collaboration through the Draper Center. In his free time, Matthew enjoys venturing off-campus on 47 Things trips, taking long, contemplative walks and sharing his love of Broadway musicals.

Kelsey Buchanan
Kelsey Buchanan ‘18

Torrey Pines High School, San Diego, CA

Major: Science, Technology & Society (STS)

Kelsey just returned to campus from a semester abroad in Santiago Chile. When she's not on the softball field or in the lab doing premed things, she's most likely spending quality time with her bearded dragon Hagrid.

Tyler Bunton
Tyler Bunton ‘20

Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, CT

Major: English & International Relations

Tyler is undecided major-wise but is mainly torn between interests in international relations, English and Spanish. In his free time he enjoys learning new languages, writing or reading at the Sky Space, taking violin lessons, playing in the Pomona College Orchestra and lounging on Marston Quad. Some Crust coffee and memes round out his interests. 

Jack Buyske
Jack Buyske '18

Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ

Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a chemistry concentration

After giving his final tour (sob!) and graduating, Jack plans to apply to medical school. When not doing schoolwork, he can be found mentoring in the Chemistry department, playing intramural sports, and watching New York Yankees baseball. Perhaps most importantly, he once won a benzene ring drawing contest.


Ellelan Degife ‘18
Ellelan Degife ‘18

New Westminster Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada

Major/Minor: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a global health concentration (major), Chemistry (minor)

When not in class (or lab), Elle can be found debating with the Model United Nations team, organizing events with the Pomona Student Union, or TAing in the Anthropology and Chemistry departments. Off Pomona’s campus, she loves to hike, eat, explore cities and hang out on the beach, all of which, fortunately, she can indulge in both in Vancouver and Southern California.

Antonio Leon De La Barra ‘18
Antonio Leon De La Barra ‘18

Blue Valley, San Jose, Costa Rica (home is Mexico City, Mexico)

Major: Physics

Antonio loves traveling and meeting people from different backgrounds! He has lived in seven countries, speaks four languages and, after graduating, Iooks forward to adding more countries and more languages to the list. At Pomona, he enjoys hosting Latin music parties for his friends, finding sunny spots to revel in some shirtless studying, and nerding out with his fellow physics majors. He is a member of the debate team, a manager at Star47, a mentor with the International Student Mentor Program (ISMP), and (usually) a TA or mentor in the Physics department. 

Eric Gofen '19
Eric Gofen '19

Latin School of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Majors: Math & Politics

Sagehen Eric solves math problems and runs for fun, though usually (but not always) at separate times. Once in a while, he makes bad jokes in front of crowds. He is also a sponsor and made a hammer once for class.

Jack Gomberg '18
Jack Gomberg '18

Latin School of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Major: Neuroscience

When the sun sets, this fascinating creature crawls out of the earth to bombard innocent pedestrians with cringe-inducing puns. His hobbies include gorging on chocolate, emulating hamsters, and dancing using only his eyebrows. He hopes you enjoy the tour, but, if you don't, he would like to remind you that his last name is actually Buyske.

Laura Gonzalez Merino '19
Laura Gonzalez Meriño '19

Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus, North Miami Beach, FL

Major/Minor: Russian and Eastern European Studies (major), German Studies (minor)

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Laura enjoys tutoring students in Russian across the Claremont Consortium. She also loves to spend her time outside of the classroom dancing with The Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company, giving tours of Pomona College, assisting the Russian and German Departments, attending German, French and Russian cultural activities on- and off-campus, hosting spa nights with friends and visiting Los Angeles. Whew!

Alejandro Guerrero ‘19
Alejandro Guerrero Vargas ‘19

Harding University High School, Charlotte, NC

Major/Minor: Anthropology (major), Chemistry (minor) (pre-health track)

Born in Hidalgo, Mexico, but raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alejandro is a first-generation, DACA-mented junior. He spends a fair amount of his time serving as a Resident Advisor of Lawry, organizing off-campus events through Pomona Events Committee, and acting as junior class president. On campus, you can find Alejandro longboarding to class or catch him eating at Scripps. Happiness to Alejandro is exploring the city of Los Angeles and photographing anything that catches his eye.

Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs ‘20

Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, NY

Major: Computer Science

Henry thinks he might major in biology, but, as with many things in his life, he can't decide. When he is not studying, he is involved with the On The Loose outdoors club and works for The Student Life newspaper. Henry loves hiking, camping and listening to music, so feel free to ask him for music suggestions or about that time he thought he was going to be eaten by a coyote.

Callison "Callie" Kernick ‘18
Callison "Callie" Kernick ‘18

Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, CA

Majors: Psychology & French

Callie was able to combine her double majors during her semester in Paris when she learned all about French psychoanalysis. If you come to her with a dream, she is willing to offer you a complete Freudian interpretation (which you may or may not find helpful). Callie is passionate about eating cookies, solving crossword puzzles, bonding with cats, and exploring the outdoors. 

Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee ‘20

Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn, NY

Majors: Psychology & Theatre

When not practicing his backwards walk, Kyle can be found perfecting his Mandarin at Oldenborg’s language table over lunch, trying to find out which dining hall has chicken tenders and dancing in the 5C group Groove Nation. He also enjoys acting, singing and exploring Southern California with friends.

Ethen Lund ‘19
Ethen Lund ‘19

Cardinal Gibbons High School, Cary, NC (via  Atlanta, GA; Steilacoom, WA; Stockton, CA; Killeen, TX; Bethesda, MD; Seoul, South Korea; and Ramstein, Germany)

Major: Chemistry

Ethen grew up in Germany, South Korea, and all throughout the US, and is more than content to have landed in Southern California for college. He enjoys spending his time kicking rocks, listening to cicadas, and jumping in puddles. 

Kamil Lungu
Kamil Lungu ‘20

Lane Technical College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL

Major: Politics

Kamil is involved with numerous political and activist organizations on campus. In his spare time he enjoys attempting latté art, hiking Mt. Baldy and browsing through LPs at our local record shop, Rhino Records.

Gillian Meyer
Gillian Meyer ‘20

The Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

Majors: Economics & Math

When not giving tours, Gillian can be found eating Trader Joe’s snacks, watching The West Wing and searching for pet-able dogs on campus. Gillian hopes to one day  overcome her fear of heights and climb the leaning tree in Marston Quad, but for now she is content with sitting on the beautiful and well-manicured lawn.

Cecil Leading Campus Tour Group
Schuyler "Skye" Mitchell ‘20

Chatham Hall, Chatham, VA  (home is Raleigh, NC)

Majors: Media Studies & English

Skye plans to major in either media studies, English or psychology, but there are so many interesting things to study at Pomona that she really has no idea where she'll end up. In her free time, Skye enjoys writing for The Student Life newspaper, playing on the 5C club field hockey team, struggling to learn upright bass and DJing for the campus radio station, KSPC.

Tulika Mohan
Tulika Mohan ‘20

Sanskriti School, New Delhi, India

Majors: Politics & Economics

When Tulika is not giving tours, she enjoys listening to Bollywood music, watching trashy television shows, and playing with other people's dogs. She is also a mentor with ISMP (International Student Mentorship Program). 

Elizabeth (Libby) Newland
Elizabeth (Libby) Newland ‘18

Brea Olinda High School, Brea, CA

Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA)  with a politics concentration

Libby is involved in planning campus activities with the Pomona Events Committee. She volunteers in a local elementary school through the Draper Center and interns at Neighborhood Legal Services at the Los Angeles courthouse through the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP). For fun she likes to run, play intramural sports and hang out at the pool (well, lifeguard, but same thing).

Derek Pickell
Derek Pickell ‘20

Corona del Mar High School, Corona del Mar, CA

Major: Physics

Derek Pickell is a man of many passions. While he is majoring in physics and minoring in art, he also dabbles with music for good measure. On weekends you can find him either in the sky, in the water or in the mountains, and he may extend his tour into any of those places, so be prepared!

Allie Pitchon
Alexandra Pitchon ‘20

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Major: International Relations

An international student from Buenos Aires, Allie is an IR major with a possible minor in Economics. A member of the Pomona College Model United Nations team, she is also a student representative on the Pomona College Curriculum Committee and a participant in the 4/7 Leadership Certificate Program. In her free time, she enjoys getting sushi with her friends in the Claremont Village and watching late night political satire to excess.

Annie Price
Anne Price ‘20

Naperville North High School, Naperville, IL

Majors: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a biology concentration & Neuroscience

Annie likes to re-LAX with the lacrosse team (get it?) and play with fruit flies in biology class. She occasionally hands out In-n-Out burgers at Sagehen sporting events. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, making bad memes and playing Bananagrams.

Liam Reese '18
Liam Reese '18

Wilson High School, Portland, OR

Majors: Physics & Economics

When he is not walking backward or writing up homework that was due an hour ago, Liam represents his class in Pomona's student government, plays guitar with the Pomona Musicians’ Coalition and obsesses over fonts

Elizabeth Rose '19
Elizabeth "Libby" Rose ‘19

Villa Park High School, Villa Park, CA

Majors: Neuroscience & Dance

Elizabeth is heavily involved in the dance community at Pomona as a part of the 5C dance group Groove Nation and as a regular performer in Fall and Spring Dance Concerts. When she is not in lab, Elizabeth spends her time baking Challah for Hunger, guiding tour groups and petting dogs in Claremont with her kind and loving friends!

Chilinh "CC" Rozen ‘18
Chilinh "CC" Rozen ‘18

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Chevy Chase, MD

Major: Economics

Although her favorite activity on campus is unquestionably answering any and all of your questions while walking backwards, CC can also be found causing trouble at the OEC (Outdoor Education Center), mentoring (but mostly learning from) middle schoolers through the Draper Center for Community Engagement, exploring the diverse outdoor offerings of Southern California, pretending she is good at basketball, napping outside, napping inside, eating outside, eating inside, convincing others to join her in any of the aforementioned activities, getting overwhelmed/excited while

reading/watching anything related to philosophy/space, and diving into the deep waters of celebrity-feud conspiracy theory.

Harini Salgado
Harini Salgado '19

Montgomery Blair High School, Rockville, MD

Major: Computer Science

Harini is a CS major who is also kind of ruining her life by trying to complete all the pre-med requirements. When she's not in class or giving a tour, she is helping to plan Claremont Splash or TAing for CS52 (Fundamentals of CS). Whenever she has free time, Harini loves hanging out with her friends and watching way too much TV. 

Joseph Schafer
Joseph Schafer ‘20

Foothill High School, Pleasonton, CA

Major/Minor: Economics (major), Politics (minor)

Joseph hopes to one day run an international real estate company and later run for President. Joseph is also a proud member of the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Water Polo Team, where he tries to stay afloat. When he is not in the pool, you can find him rewatching The Office or eating 21 Choices frozen yogurt.

Sara Sherburne
Sara Sherburne ‘19

Garfield High School, Seattle, WA

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Biology 

Sara plans to major in environmental analysis with a concentration in biology. In addition to playing soccer for Pomona-Pitzer, Sara works as an Eco-Rep for the Sustainability Integration Office. She enjoys going on On the Loose hiking trips, skiing the Southern California mountains and playing frisbee on the beach. Her favorite spots on campus include the Organic Farm, Marston Quad and the Motley at Scripps. Her favorite time of day is brunch.

Ana Stevens
Ana Stevens ‘20

Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA

Major: Biology

Ana dances for and competes with The Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company.  As event coordinator for Challah for Hunger, she enthusiastically sells challah on Fridays. Besides dancing and bread, she enjoys photography, hot chocolate and sitting in the sun.

Alexa Stanton ‘20
Alexa Stanton ‘20

San Francisco University High School (new home is Portsmouth, NH)

Major: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

A San Francisco native, Alexa now lives in New Hampshire, where she spends her time cooking and complaining about the weather (below 60 degrees). She serves as a Philosophy Liaison, a Microeconomics mentor, and a member of the Judicial Board. Outside of class, you can find her debating political philosophies or, better yet, The Bachelor fan theories.

Lilleana "Lilly" Thomey ‘19
Lilleana "Lilly" Thomey ‘19

Minnehaha Academy, St. Paul, MN

Major: Biology

Lilly is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Lacrosse team, the Pomona College Wellness Peers, the Sustainability Integration Office, and a mentor for the biology department. Originally from the Twin Cities, Lilly misses the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," along with her dogs Ruby and Sadie, but loves the endless beaches and beautiful hikes of southern California. Lilly looks forward to the next two years at Pomona College with even more chances to explore unknown parts of California. 

Jennifer "Jenny" Thompson ‘19
Jennifer "Jenny" Thompson ‘19

Gaston Day School, Gastonia, NC

Major: Biology

Jenny has been a tour guide for three years and absolutely loves running backwards into giant rocks and spreading the word about how wonderful Pomona College is. Outside of tours, she can be found procrastinating on the fourth floor of the library, photosynthesizing on Marston Quad, or longboarding at night so nobody sees her when she falls. She loves to volunteer with high schools in the city of Pomona and lead On the Loose trips to all the incredible nearby outdoors locations. Her skills include napping and being overly passionate about Pomona, and she really hopes you all enjoy your tour!

Emma Vorenberg
Emma Vorenberg ‘20

Barrington High School, Barrington, RI

Major: Linguistics

Emma plans to major in linguistics and minor in politics. A lover of languages, she is currently taking courses in both French and Arabic and lives in Oldenborg Hall. When not giving tours, she works as a research assistant and enjoys playing guitar, eating cheese, and making up excuses to not go to the gym.

Linda Wen
Yilin "Linda" Wen ‘20

Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Major: Linguistics

A volunteer for the Learning in Collaboration program at The Draper Center for Community  Partnerships, Linda is in charge of tutoring fourth graders in math at a local elementary school. She loves to have lunch at the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and make friends at the Chinese, Spanish and French tables. During her free time, she likes to watch soccer games with friends or hop on a train to explore Los Angeles.

Sabrina Wong ‘20
Sabrina Wong ‘20

Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT (home is Weston, MA)

Major: Undeclared

Sabrina is a prospective Psychology and Economics double major. When not tour guiding, she can be found hanging out with friends or working in the Psychology department library. On the weekends, she often hops the train to L.A. and explores new restaurants.

Laura Zhang '19
Laura Zhang ‘19

Conestoga High School, Berwyn, PA

Major: Cognitive Science

Laura is very much undecided about her potential major but is currently considering neuroscience or cognitive science (or both!) and pre-health, but she could also be swayed towards public policy analysis and psychology. Laura has run for the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Cross Country team; become an On the Loose leader, tour guide, and residential sponsor; and explored tons of great hikes around Southern California. She has also garnered a newfound obsession with corgis and met amazing people who support her obsession 120%—just another sign that Pomona was the place where she was meant to be.

Yuxin "Hans" Zhou ‘20
Yuxin "Hans" Zhou ‘20

St. Mark’s School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Classics

Hans is a sponsor in Lyon who enjoys getting a London Fog (Early Grey latté) and studying at the Motley Coffeehouse on Scripps’s campus. When not in class, he can be found perfecting his ballroom dancing techniques. He also loves exploring museums and food in L.A. and going on outdoor adventures.